Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm back

Now that was a long break... no pun intended towards Joe's hip, lol.

I had a long initial post about the injury started, but figured you didn't need to read thru the whole saga. Basically Joe had a very bad break of the femoral head that required a steel rod and 2 very long screws. He was in a combination of 2 hospitals for a total of 16 days and came home on the 7th of February. He's healing great and is expected to make a complete recovery and be back to pre-injury status within another 4-6 weeks. He's using a cane and is able to drive now which is very helpful.

Joe and I are working hard on getting JP back to a normal schedule and normal life. Poor kid was constantly off schedule for about 3 weeks and wow did that show!

I have birthday pictures and a cute video coming soon. I signed up with a remote backup site called yesterday and am waiting for the initial backup to finish before I add more pics. Only challenge is that I have about 2 days left for the inital backup, lol.

Just wanted to update a little bit and Peanut and I are glad to be back!