Friday, July 1, 2011

My garden is growing.. but have I mentioned I am shrinking?

After an unintentional start towards weight loss last August, I've kept up with the momentum. I made small changes and bought a food scale.. then worked on portion control. I've learned I can eat what I want.. and I do, just in very different amounts.

A lot of people have asked me what I am doing and I always tell them nothing more then old fashioned common sense. I eat healthy, eat much less then I used to (average btwn 1300-1600cal a day) and move more whether it be at the gym or at home. I don't do any crazy things... just all that silly stuff we always hear as basic recommendations... after all.. all those years of trying to take the weight off fast just worked so well for me, lol.

Nowadays I don't even really think about how much my viewpoint and my lifestyle have changed.. it's just how it is now for me and I'm perfectly comfortable with it. I eat whatever I want in either smaller portions or with healthy changes. I also make sure there is always (ok.. almost always) a fruit or veggie with my meals. It took me 40 years for my moment of clarity to finally 'get it'. I don't let myself get upset at the wasted years for what finally became so simple and clear to me. I don't set a timeline in stone.. just a general guide for what I'd like to see when.

Along the journey I've been on I've had wonderful little victories that sometimes take me a few days to realize, lol. Silly things like crossing my legs to sit on the bed or floor... last night I stretched while sitting down and realized I can touch my toes again!.. I was getting to the area right above my ankles for a long time... I'm in a size of jeans that I didn't expect to see for another month or so.. that was a biggie for me, lol. More importantly to me is the fact that I no longer feel like everyone is staring at me no matter where I am. I no longer am the biggest person in a group or in general and I feel like the me that I used to be more then 15years ago.

As of today I've lost 67lbs. In 11.5 more pounds I will be at my halfway to goal point....I'm so glad it finally clicked for me and I'm so glad I can be such a great example to JP for a healthy active lifestyle so that he doesn't have to go thru what I have over the years.