Thursday, July 22, 2010

Peanuts's Overdue Weekly Wednesday - Vet visit

I went to the Dr today for a 'checkup'. Blah. Made my point clear to all that I was not a happy puppy about being at the dr.

the good: overall I'm in good shape... well my shape is round, but other then that I;m in overall apparent good health.

the bad: I have Lyme's disease. Which explains my grouchiness and more achy feeling of late. I'm on a month long antibiotic and probiotic regimen. The test showed a very VERY faint positive (sort of like a pregnancy test) so the dr said I've probably only had it for a few weeks and that I'll make an easy and full recovery. At least mom bought me some yummy treat like things to 'hide' the antibiotic in.

now i'm off for a nap .....