Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ok.. I have to share and brag a bit on me...

As you can see by my my little box on the top right of my blog, I'm having really good success with losing weight. The way I'm doing it is with Take Shape For Life - a division of Medi-Fast. Not a bad weight loss. As of the writing of this post its 24lbs in 6 weeks. Most interesting is that I have not been a good role model. With me being not 100% accountable to the 5+1 rule I'm still taking off an average of 4lbs a week! How many times in my life have I thought that 1-2lbs was so un-motivating.. and planned for 4lbs or so, only to fall short. I'm once again working on the 5+1 rule and the hardest thing for me is the eating every 2-3 hours. I keep losing track of time. However I have mucho incentive to really get with and stick with the program... actually a few things:

#1 - we have a trip to Sesame Place planned for 8/16. last time I was there I was so embarrassed over my weight and was uncomfortable all day. I want to go this time and just focus on having fun with JP and playing. My goal is to be down a full 100lbs by then. Not quite at my goal weight, but it would be a number I hadn't seen since 8th grade. We won't discuss how long ago that was, lol. Now I'm not saying 100lbs from today. Just an additional 76lbs by then, lol. JP is starting to walk on his own now and thats my new exercise regime...chasing him down.

#2 - I would really like to have another child next year. While it wouldn't give me much time to enjoy being at goal weight... my goal with this is to be at goal by the Holidays. I can deal with a late summer or fall baby and this is a doable goal.

#3 - I NEED to be a good example as I am a Health Advisor for Take Shape For Life. I need to live what I teach and show people the possibilities. Having to take off so much weight I want to really inspire those that get overwhelmed with the number to lose... people like me.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ha! - on the topic of dogs....

I've always argued the fact that dogs see in black and white. First off, unless you have a dog eye transplant I fail to see (no pun intended) how anyone can say anything with 100% certainty. Second I also don't believe that God gave any creature the inability to see all the colors in this world. No they don't have to see in a range of millions and millions of colors, but to see colors to some degree would be appropriate. This morning I was watching a show on Animal Planet, (they need to put a show on toddlers on there - JP is currently destroying his play area) in this show thay discussed the vision of dogs. They clarified that dogs DO see colors, however it's like our vision in the twilight part of day. That I can believe. I knew it, lol.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

His first car

Every boy needs pics of his first car. This was a birthday gift from Grandma. My mom didn't realize how much he'd love it until it was opened. Toady is a beautiful Spring day and JP and I were outside for some time, playing, soaking in the sun and taking pictures....

checking under the hood

oil looks good

spotless interior

air pressure is great

look what i got on video!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

JP really likes his morning cereal, lol

JP's imitation of a square billed duck....

For Boo.......

Spring is finally here and the warmer weather is coming!! Whooo hoooooo - no more snow (I hope) SInce it's been nicer JP and I have been spending more time at the park. We have a wonderful park only minutes from our house that has a playset specifically for ages 2-5. With a little help getting up the stairs JP has a blast crawling all over it. First time we went I had him going down the slide. Silly mommy let him slide down headfirst twice and yes I was holding securely onto him. I decided in retrospect that it may not have been the best thing to show him. I'm hoping he forgets quickly, lol.

one of the days we went to the park it was raining off and on. we left just as th rain started and by the time we got home the sun was shining. this is what was across the road from our home: