Thursday, January 31, 2008

days like this tire me out

I was on a roll. JP was playing in the superyard and enjoying puffs and mum-mums. I was getting my living room cleaned! I went thru 2 huge bags of misc things from a desk we used to have and our coffee table which is in storage until JP gets good at walking.

Dinner time came and we had a nice dinner of peas with a banana dessert. Rather JP had that menu. I had apple butter glazed pork loin. (Yes it was as good as it sounds and I even used apple butter I made myself and canned. ) JP is still not a huge fan of meats. I have more on that, but its a rambling thought for another day. Is it possible to be a vegetarian from birth?

After dinner came bath time and then bed time. Then the problems started. JP was in full wiggle mode tonight and didn't want to settle down. He last napped around 2pm and it was 8pm for bedtime. I know he was ready. Then he decided to bite me while nursing. With 6 teeth it's just not pleasant. Sigh. So then I put him in his crib to settle down. This used to be effective. Not for the last 2weeks. For the last 2 weeks he get's lied down and then immediately gets up and screams. Not whimpers, not cries, SCREAMS. No warm up period either. I decided to try and let him cry it out for a couple of minutes. Ugh. I went back in and his light blue sleeper clearly showed the tears that he cried. I picked him up and he snuggled right into my shoulder. Yep I caved. Such a huge section of his sleeper was soaked and i didn't have the heart to put him back down. After about 20 min I did lie him back in the crib. That lasted all of 30min and he woke up and started crying again. I got in there quick before it escalated though. Now of course I'm afraid to move. Peanut is begging to go out and I have to leave JP for a but I can't help it. Granted its freezing so that means a quick walk.

needless to say my cleaning urge has been stalled. I've compensated with having a lovely glass of Yellow Tail Chardonnay.

He just woke up crying while lying next to me. I wonder if a new tooth is working thru?

Party in my crib!!!!!

Every once in a while JP decides that playtime should be at 3am in the morning. He's happy, he's content... he just wants to share the fun. No matter what I try he won't sleep for about 2 hours. He generally picks a day where I have to be up early at 5am. This time he was nice enough to choose a day where I can sleep in... and then wakes me at 7:30 after falling asleep around 4am.

One of my favorite things about having friends all over the world is that there is a good chance that someone is awake, lol. I took a chance and sent a test message to a friend in South Africa and she kept me company until JP decided to wind down again. Oh and Joe was helpful as always lying next to me ....snoring. My favorite part of this is the next morning when he gets cranky with me because HE hasn't had enough sleep. He was up a few minutes ago whining about changing the diaper because he was tired and trying to make a sandwich. I asked how much sleep he'd had. He said only 5 hours. I reminded him.. AGAIN... that thats about how much I get every night. Of course it's different for him. He needs more sleep and then at least 1 more nap because he does work. Yeah and my job is just a full time job i do for kicks.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Be careful who you rent the upstairs to...

I just heard this quote while on hold for a call for work. It really resonated with me. It's a powerful statement about how we think. Do we want to rent the upstairs to someone negative, angry, depressed and who holds us back? Or would you rather rent to someone that is positive, productive, attentive, pays the 'rent' on time and is dependable and a pleasure to have around.

something to think about for the day.

The PUL is coming! The PUL is coming!!!!

I just got my shipping email from

my 3 yards of plain white PUL are in the mail! Now I am that much closer to FINALLY sewing my cloth diapers for JP. I'm using the PUL as a hidden layer. I'm tempted to go shopping tonight with JP to see what kind of fun prints we can get for more diapers. I figure if I make 20 or so in the large size - I'm set for about 6 months or more.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Venture

I've had an idea floating in my mind for some time now. I've been wanting to look into a career as an event planner/wedding planner. I'm starting to take some steps toward this goal. Currently I'm looking into courses for this work and will be taking a large number of books out of the library for research. While our wedding was ...unique.... in challenges and planning issues, I do enjoy the creative process. One of my coworkers has a stepdaughter getting married sometime this year or next. She's not too organized over it and I may offer help at no charge for experience.

my short term goals over the next month are to research and write up a business plan.

Playgroup challenges

Since JP was born I've been looking for a playgroup locally. I've found 2 close to me. 1 has events every day but Thursday, the one day of the week I'm off. The other requires the group manager to call me to confirm membership, a call I never recieved. Sigh. Oh well maybe another day.

Ironically though I did find a group for my other 'kid'. I found a Corgi meetup playgroup of all things, lol. They have a meeting in february at a local dog park. We're going to take Peanut to check it out, even though I'm not sure how thrilled she will be. She has socialization issues stemming from being bullied by a big lab for her first 3 years of life. She was a very loved dog in that house, they just didn't realize how traumatizing it was and that it wasn't a small issue. I'm keeping my paws crossed that she relaxes and has fun.

What really got accomplished this weekend...

Vaccuum - part of one room only
do at least 2 more loads of laundry - only 1 more done
Straighten up JP's play area which is currently decorated in lego's from beginning to end
dig out living room - got half done
take a nap with JP - I excelled at this, this weekend

oh well.. at least I got something done.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My busy Saturday

It was a good attempt this morning to get up and start cleaning without JP waking up. I did an evil mom thing though, lol. I turned on the baby shows and placed him in his high chair with unlimited cheerios... and then did actually clean. My kitchen has counters! I'd forgotten about them. Well actually 'it' as I only have one, lol. I got a load of laundry done, cleaned the bathroom, entry way and then sat down with JP and played for a bit, lol. Had to make up for using the electric babysitter.

My wonderful husband DID get up early. Only because his back hurt and he wanted to go to my office to get adjusted (it's my Saturday off). Which leaves me sitting in a still messy living room... and let's just agree to not talk about the master bedroom, lol.

I've decided to make a list of what I need to do today:

Clean Cages
Bathe Chins (they bathe in dust - so easy)
do at least 2 more loads of laundry
straighten out pantry
cut out at least 4 diapers worth of material - ooo and I have the cutest material in my ebay watching section. Happy elephants for a baby boy that loves elephants!
Straighten up JP's play area which is currently decorated in lego's from beginning to end
clean out fridge
polish wood trim in kitchen and bathroom ( there's a LOT)
bake cookies or a cake
dig out living room

go to the library
take a nap with JP
update my blog with Feb 07 mom links

who thinks I can do the whole list?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Domestic Goddess in training?

I suck at housework. I admit it. If I let things get too far gone, then I can't seem to start. My home is currently so cluttered I'd die of embarrassment if company dropped in. That said, my darling husband made arrangements for someone to pick up a couple of chinchillas tomorrow. Which means mega cleaning. As usual he promises to get up early with me. He still can't seem to keep a promise to me, which means I will be a whirling dervish tomorrow. My goal is to get back into my simple routines and keep up with the work again. I had it right a little over a year ago. My home was a pleasure to be in, I never feared surprise company. I intend to get back to that goal within 3 months at the most.

If it's not one thing, it's another, lol....

I don't blog as much as I'd like for many reasons. One of which is that in the evenings JP is usually near me. He's a sweetheart of a baby..... but it's not easy to type when he's near me. He's finally asleep and I'm taking time to add some more to my blog.... and now Peanut is trying to sit on my lap. She may only be a 20lb Welsh Corgi.... but she's a big 20lbs, lol.

I took another step towards making my cloth diapers.... i bought the waterproof fabric I need to line my diapers. Hopefully this weekend I get a chance to cut out all my diapers and soakers. I should be able to sew the soakers if nothing else. But then again I thought I'd get all of my material cut out at lunch today, lol.

such high ambitions.....

I've wanted to change JP over to cloth diapers for some time now. Being financially challenged that really means that I had to make them. While the financial issues are brighter these days... I have to do something with my piles of fabric bought expressly with the intent on making adorable diapers. In my infinite, blond wisdom I chose to bring the multi-patterns-on-one-giant-sheet-of-paper, all this lovely fabric and my razor sharp scissors with me to work.

sometimes I am clueless.

now in all fairness I am no longer calling myself lazy at not doing this to this point. Only because I realized that it is a lot of prep work. For the soaker patterns it required 7 sets of 3 pages to piece together the sizes from premie - to XXlarge . No, I guess I didn't have to do them all, but what the heck.. that was the quick part. I was bright enough at this point to realize that only one diaper size was getting put into a usable pattern. By the time I had pieced together the pattern for the large size diaper it was the end of lunch. Now I get to carry back out all this fabric plus my usual stuff.... plus the yogurt maker my mom dropped off at work for me today. Silly me.

Friday, January 4, 2008

a bright spot

JP has had some killer diaper rash for 2 days. It started with an allergic reaction to a new diaper. Those lasted all of 1 day. Too bad the diaper rash didn't leave as quickly. JP and I have slept no more than 2 hours at a shot for the last 2 days. Needless to say I am exhausted. JP seems quite fine. Figures. Being sleep deprived I am easily aggravated in general.. not my best side, lol. One thing that has been driving me insane is my computer internet connection. I have a DSL and it was acting like a dial up that was dying. I had little to no patience for it and kept looking for different answers. Tonight I found a wonderful site that helped me find the root of the problem and my super fast connection is back. Whooo hoooo I can finally have an easy internet connection again. oh well it is something good on a sleep deprived day, lol.