Monday, March 30, 2009

To twitter or not to twitter...

I'm all for technology and new fun gadgets or ideas. But Twitter has me second guessing. I can see the fun of it. Quick, easy updates just to keep people up to date on what we're doing. But I joined another social networking site to do that... at least I think thats why I joined. For some reason I seem to spend way too much time fishing for odd looking fish in weird locations.. but I do try to keep things updated.

At one point I signed on for an account for Twitter, but never went further. Of late I've had 2 friends sign up and add me so they could 'follow' me via Twitter. But I don't Twitter anything. Who needs to know my next goal in life is a cup of coffee... or that I'm about to doze off over my keyboard due to a recent insomnia bout. Sure I can Twitter when away from a computer, but seeing as thats:

A) generally in a store picking things up


B) while at a park playing with my son

I just don't see much use of it in my life. In a store my goal is to get in and out and get on with life.... when playing with my son I should be focused on that. Can you hear him in kindergarten?

" JP what does your mommy do"

" she Twitters"

Now I'm not against people that do Twitter or that follow Twitterers. I'm not even against Twitter at all. Sure I can Twitter about my latest cake project, but that always seems more visual to me and most want to see a pic of whatever I'm talking about anyway. I just don't see what in my simple, quiet life is worth twittering about. A few years ago maybe.. now?

well... we'll see.