Monday, September 29, 2008

New! - Lean - Cuisine-ish Blogmercials!

The following conversation came to me in an email this morning and just cracked me up. Granted I am working on sleep deprivation... and its my morning to be at work by 6:30am (6:38 was today - but I was still in first, lol).

The conversation was started last night btwn some friends and I over what we made for dinner last night. Since I do meal planning, I've gotten back into different dishes. The majority of these are very easy but sound impressive. Sunday's I do try to do something a bit more special....

......I know! Talking to Kelly is like being in one of those Lean Cuisine commercials.

Me: I had sloppy joe's

Kate: I had frozen ravioli

Kelly: I had Balsamic chicken with Balsamic reduction fancy stuff and mashed things (the mashed things were seasoned and mashed chickpeas)

If it makes anyone feel better tonight's meal is ....... Pizza, lol

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Introducing Sushi and Sashimi II

I'm sad to say that our goldfish babies didn't make it. I was wondering about them as they showed no interest in eating. In retrospect my thoughts of them being all on their own in the store fish tank.. may have been more of an issue of them being the only two survivors.

We decided to get a heartier fish. I wanted a pair, and something a bit flashy. I chose Betta's as you can now find males and females easily.. and they don't generally breed easily. Sushi and Sashimi have been here for about 2 weeks now and are going strong. So please welcome.. again.... Sushi and Sashimi!

please pardon the mess... I'd just brought home groceries and hadn't put them all away yet

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


While I could never rival a professional seamstress with my sewing skills.. I do know my way around a sewing pattern and sewing machine. I've had a pile of material and notions for a year. This would be for new tops for my coworker and I for our job. I knew what my boss was looking for... but we couldn't find them. I found them in an easy to sew pattern.... except step 3 is not easy to understand! Everytime i think i get it I stop. The way I interpret it will leave a raw edge on one very visable part.... but i know thats not supposed to be that way. Its driving me crazy and I just want to get them done! I hate when my boss asks me about them.. although in my defense she won't let me sew them when at work during patient hours... kinda limits my sewing time and at home....well home life is a priority. I need a sewing fairy to come in the night and do them up.

Monday, September 22, 2008

.......and all the heroin you want!

Don't you love walking in on the end of a conversation? Sometimes the timing is absolutely perfect and it's as if it's the perfect set up for a comedy sketch. I've had a crazy day. Not bad so much as insanely crazy if that makes sense. I was more than happy to leave at 4pm... except I really didn't leave until 5:45. On the way home I was picking up a Monday night special pizza... only $8.99. Hope this thing tastes good. Of course the thought was to watch Monday Night football with JP and Joe.. except Joe got sucked into a vortex at his parents house ans is not home yet. I stopped at the pizzeria and walked in. I've been there before and its a small deli/pizzeria with low light, red topped tables and red and white checked curtains. Being that Monday's are slow there was only one other customer in there talking to the owner/employee (not sure which he was). As I'm walking up to the counter he finishes what must have been an interesting conversation with:

"..... and all the Heroin you want!"

I asked if I ordered the right pizza or there was a secret menu, lol. To be honest to look on his face was slightly embarrassed which is what I would have been as well. We joked around a bit more and just had a good laugh which I desperately needed, lol.... although he did warn me the pizza may make me very relaxed and I may wake up with a hangover, lol.

*disclaimer* - I do not endorse, nor find the use of recreational drugs as a light hearted thing. Being that I KNEW I walked in on the end of a conversation that was sarcastic is why I found humor in this moment this evening.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Never conduct business via text messaging....

I've had an amusing week or so at work. Those that know me well, know the days that this is the opposite so it's nice to have weeks like this.

My boss is a very dynamic, driven individual who typically takes on more than she can do. Which leads to me the so called Clinical Coordinator... in reality that means well.. Clinical Coordinator, personal secretary, blah, blah, blah. Helps with job security though and most days I like my job even if I'm grumpy. Well my boss has taken on a lot more challenges of late.. most of her own doing. I've been a whirlwind while flying thru website editing ( i am managing but have no idea of what I'm doing), replacing hard drives, standard office responsibilities, etc, etc ,etc. Whats made it more amusing then usual is that she is aware that she's driving me crazy and has been told as such, lol. Well one of the things I do is also arrange her travel when needed. She's been inivited to speak at a huge event in Washington DC. I'm proud to say that she is the only non civilian to be invited to be on a panel at Academy Women in October. We've been back and forth on booking a shuttle flight since Monday. Today my boss left early and as is sometimes normal she then starts text messaging me, lol. At one point today she text messages me to book the flight. She was in and out of appointments and I had a few questions regarding flight times. So I end up booking her out of Newark to Washington DC Airport... this was after waiting about an hour for the info I needed. Of course as soon as I book the flight she texts me wanting an earlier return flight. Which is now a slim chance - should have added on the flight insurance to make changes. As I'm texting her back she calls me... sigh... to tell me that she was told Laguardia was the better which point I had to inform her it was too late and we were set for the other airport. We've mutually agreed that text messaging is not the best when needing specific info, having time restrictions and she was in and out of being able to contact me. Good thing is if the tickets need to be cancelled she can get credit as I booked her on a flight thats the same airline as her Frequent Flier account.

How do women survive when men are sick...

So Joe's 'Man Cold' is passing... sort of. Tuesday he valiantly gathered his meager energy and plodded off to work. How generous of him to work when so ill. Thankfully Wednesday he could conserve his energy at night and get a much needed restful nights sleep. While coughing up a lung and sniffling loud enough to wake the dead. Ugh...boys are so icky sometimes. Cover you darn mouth and blow your nose with the box of tissues for heaven's sake! Now his germs are free flying all over the bedroom - thank you so much. Last night, Thursday, was particularly amusing. After Joe got home we ate dinner. It was all the poor man could do to hold his head up and eat. Well you would figure that this was the perfect time for Joe to lie down after dinner. What do I hear now? "Well what about JP, I need to be there for him"


Need I remind any of you about my small, cozy, cottage sized home? I think I can manage on my own as I frequently do. It's really not that hard. Now tonight Joe was determined to get JP to sleep. SIGH. This means he's going to lie down with JP at 8pm and try to get him to sleep. Meanwhile my mean method of lying him in his crib is not good. After all he falls asleep in about 5 minutes in his crib and sleeps better and longer. Nooooooooooooo Joe lied down with Jp while watching Pearl Harbour. This was at 8pm. At 8:40 I was tired of listening to JP giggle while supposedly sleeping. I went in and said 15 more minutes and then he goes to his crib. 15 minutes later I go back in. What the heck!? From Joe's reaction you would think we were moving out and he would never see him again. He cuddled JP, told him how much he loved him while having tears in his eys. Uhmmmmm.. He's going one room away and you'll see him tomorrow. Heck if you want get up with him in the middle of the night then go ahead. PLUS .. and this is such a sore subject with me.. Joe's on MY side of the bed again! Now this may not see a big deal but it really is. Joe makes a mess of my side of the bed and never puts things back the way they belong. I've asked 1000+ times for him to leave my side of the bed alone. He won't. To me its disrespectful. Now he's sleeping on my side of the bed.. with my pillows.. my blankets and his gersm. JP already has his cold because he doesn't care about protecting him. Yes I know JP will get sick. Last year my nickname for him at times was SLIMY... however I don't need it because Joe is careless and selfish.

yes this turned into a rant.. with luck by morning I'll calm down and edit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Man Cold....

from Urban

The name 'man cold' disguises the true terrible, debilitating disease that is the man cold. Nearly all men will die from man colds unless they are administered immediately with large amounts of mindless TV such as daytime TV, or childrens' cartoons. It is essential that they not move from bed or a comfy sofa to allow for rehabilitation, and must have tissues and man cold medicine (such as chocolate biscuits, McDonalds, or a nice cup of tea) brought to them constantly by a nearby female. 

'Either i have meningitus, end stage brain cancer, or a man cold'

This is Joe's current state. We expect him to pass on in .. oh 40-50 years. However if you ask him he'll tell you that his passing is imment. He called me at work yesterday to come home early. He called at 8:45.. on tuesday I leave work at 1:00. To help him deal with the horrid malaise of a 'man cold' I left at noon. He of course was NOT appreciative of this as he wouldn't be able to sleep before leaving for work at 2:00.  When I asked how he could work in such a delicate condition I was told that he had to go to work because it was important and he had things to do. For some reason he didn't grasp the dead silence and subsequent "reallllllllyyyyyy?" from me as sarcastic. Guess the man cold was tampering with his early warning system. Oh and I was also guilted (good attempt on his part) on how he couldn't possibly care for JP in a proper way in his condition and that he was afraid he was going to give this horrible malady to JP. OK.. let's just fess up and be honest here. Joe lies in bed with JP and tries to convince him to take a nap.. or he plops him in his safe play area  while Joe sits on the couch and they watch TV. anyone wonder why I still keep a safe play area in the house? If it weren't for that JP would probably spend more time in the crib on Tuesdays. On my way home yesterday I stopped and got Dayquil to hopefully keep Joe alive for a few more days. What does he do? Takes 1 capsule when 2 is the dosage and leaves the rest on the table. Why if I didn't know better I would think that he WANTED to feel sick and miserable. And yes I say that with my best sweet, innocent, doe eyed expression.  Tonight I worked until 7. came home... microwaved dinner and served the ailing man. He tells me he would have made a galliant effort to sit at the table. Then has to lie down to 'rest' because he 'needs his energy' for work tomorrow and afterall I have the day off. Oh and he only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Yet the constantly interupted sleep I have had for 2 months leaves me bright eyed and bushy tailed all the time. Then again, I'm being cruel.. After all I don't have a 'MAN COLD'. Thankfully I'm  surrounded by those that support me well as I nurse Joe thru this crisis. Many have offered to call the ambulance for me. I look forward to a lovely nights sleep tonight filled with the hacking man cold cough.... which of course will be directed to my side of the bed.

Stay tuned for the 'woman cold' where I jump mounds of laundry, cook gourmet meals from scratch, listen wide eyed as my darling husband weaves tales of his day at work, care for the young prodigy we are to mold into a fine young man and work my usual full time job.... while listening to my husband ignore my red eyed, sneezing, coughing self to proclaim.....

"I'm tired, I'm going to bed"

surely I can get a jury of married women formy murder trial. I should be cleared in no time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

For Jeannette

Sometimes I'm good with words and expressing myself. Other times, most times I'm not. Those that know me in real life..- local to me- know that I am they type to offer a solid, quiet comfort. Most times that's enough. Not now though. How do you offer strong, silent comfort to a friend that is across an ocean? A card? yes that shows support and love. But it doesn't seem enough when that friend has lost her mom... and lost her dad some years ago. How do you support quietly when you know they are crying all the time? She's lost her mom and it's so hard to know the words and the way to support. Texting is one way.. but so damn hard to convey the thru sorrow and heartbreak you feel for them. A cell phone can't give a bear hug of love and comfort... a text or email can't wipe the tears away or stroke her hair or back in comfort. Email is another support but if it were me that lost my mom email would be my last concern.

Several years ago another online friend of mine lost her child in a tragic accident. He was 3 and had gotten out of the house and fell on the cover of a pool. The cover had water on it from the winter and spring melt. He couldn't get out. At that time I was under a lot of stress at work from a co-worker who was out to make my life difficult. She made a HUGE issue out of me wanting to take 1 day off to drive to the wake and funeral. My coworkers were siding with her at the time (this is still a wound with me and my job). They didn't know how strong the relationship can be with people that you can't tangibly touch. They thought I was using it as a careless excuse for a day off. When I returned I informed him that 20 of us online friends made that 'careless' trip to support a friend who'd lost her 3 year old son. They have learned thru me how strong the bonds of friendship are regardless of the geographical location.

If I had the money for airfare for South Africa I'd be there for Jeannette. It doesn't matter how you make friendships. What matters is the depth of them, the open love, the caring, the laughs. If it's over a cup of coffee or an electronic line.. the friendship is the same... the pain is the same for their losses.. the sadness for not ever knowing quite what to do or say... but wishing you could be by their side while wondering. I wish I could be there for Jeannette.... since I can't, I'll write this and hope that she knows the depth of the caring it's written with. For those that doubt that an online friendship can be deep and true as a friendship started in the 'normal' manners - read this an know that our friendships online are as true as any friendship out there.

In Memory of Heather Moira McClelland Kirk
24th January, 1943 - 11th September, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I got my first fishies!

Mom has been talking to dad for some time about getting something called an aquarium. Dad keeps saying no, and mom keeps agreeing while smiling. Tonight mom told me some online friends got a new fish... and I decided the time was right for me to have my first fishies. Mom told Dad how much I wanted them and he said ok. So off we went to the fish store. WOW! there are a LOT of fishies out there. We looked at things called Mollies, barbs, betta's, salt water, tetra's and finally found them. 2 teeny tiny baby goldfish in a big tank all by themselves. They can grow like me! Mom said they are called fantail goldfish and that they will be really pretty when big. Right now they are in a bowl large enough for them, but mom's plan is a 30 gallon community fish tank. I think she'll win in the end. Oh and mom helped me with some names. The people at the fish store laughed when we told them the names we picked out.. mom said I'll understand when I get older.


Sushi and Sashimi!

Hey.. i wasn't kidding when I said they were small...

Mom should have taken another pic ... not my best look huh? Oh well I was trying to hug them..
see! there they are at the bottom!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Not bad for a 10 year old 6 cylinder car

I pulled into work one day last week and a patient pulled in next to me. Who then commented on how my car must guzzle gas being a 6 cylinder. He thought I was nuts and wasting money. I knew my mileage was decent and he agreed that the car looks to be in extremely good condition, which it is. So with my last gas purchase I made a mental note of how many gallons. My 10 year old, 6 cylinder Pontiac gets 24miles to the gallon. I think thats excellent. My original estimate was 18-20 miles per gallon, lol.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Painfully sweet

Yesterday JP and I were sitting on the couch watching a show on TV. I don't remember quite what he did, but he head butted me in the mouth really hard and fast. I was sitting with my hands over my mouth as it hurt so bad, and he was rubbing his head where it hit my mouth. We were both in tears. He looked at me and stopped crying, pulled my hands awy from my mouth and then kissed my boo-boo. While I was still seeing stars, it was much better after that. He seems to have fully recovered... I still have a fat lip, lol.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

You have to read this jogging attempt, lol

I just took Peanut for her morning walk/jog. Figured since I was off I'd try to get 2 in today. When by myself with JP and Peanut I use the jogging stroller that I bought for $10. Peanut has learned quickly to walk by the front wheel which is a perfect spot. This one has been heavily used, in storage and has a front wheel that does not turn - structural design, not an issue of being broken. To turn I have to lift the stroller and turn it. Which puts stress on the frame. One pin is already missing and the stroller half collapsed. Not a big deal. I can still wheel it but it takes more work and I'm trying to keep Peanut off the road. Then a pin on the other side disappeared. The stroller collapses - JP was fine but can't ride in the stroller. By now the stroller looks like a drag racing version - low to the ground and long. Great. I'm 1/4 mile from home and have to keep Peanut on a leash, the stroller moving and carry JP who is over 20lbs and who also likes to lean forward and risk falling. THEN the front wheel pops off. OK fine... I'm a woman, we're resourceful and inventive. I discovered that if I kicked the back axle then the front tipped up enough that I could still wheel it behind me. THEN something else collapsed - at this point i have no idea what and I'm in no mood to figure it out. Now the stroller is unwheelable because the front half is all but a fabric and metal puddle on the road. I'm in an area where I can't get far enough off the road to fix anything quick. I then have to carry JP AND the stroller while somehow holding onto the front wheel and Peanut's leash. While doing this I have the back axle of the stroller banging into my leg. I'm waiting for the huge bruise to develop. Oh and our road is not exactly the easiest to walk on due to insane drivers and little to no shoulders on the road. I got to the very edge of the yard and dropped the stroller and threw the front wheel. Then dragged the stroller in more.

Temperamental has been a word occasionally used to describe me, lol.

I COULD have had the stroller I wanted for $50.00 from craigslist. The nice Jeep one with the steering wheel for JP to play with. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I had to find one that was old for $10.00 to keep Joe from complaining. Well guess who's complaining now (btw 'complaining' was NOT the word used when this story was emailed to a few friends. I was furious at the time) . Joe will be lucky if I don't go out and buy the one I want new for under $100.00.

he just called and has been informed and warned.To give him credit all he said was that he was sorry.. then wisely got off the phone quickly.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My jogging buddy...

I'm silly sometimes and just don't think things thru. I've had a dream of being a runner for a long, long time. But I always manage to do something wrong and injure myself. The brief bits I do are so refreshing and liberating. They make my stress melt away. Not to mention the pounds, lol.

When we adopted Peanut she was 3.5 years old with a noticeable limp. A letter that came with her made mention of a bee sting. 6 months later the limp was still there so off to xrays and such (over $400.00!) The limp was attributed to a knee ligament tear, but we also discovered that Peanut has bilateral hip dysplasia in a mild state. Hmmmm.. should probably have her xrayed again to check progression. It's been almost 4 years since we adopted her. The anniversary of that is 9/30. I try to limit her running and jumping for fear of injury. This has lead to a cranky, slightly overweight pooch with harness bulge (fat rolls over her harness). I mentioned this in the post yesterday about the harness bulge.

It dawned on me today that not only does Peanut LOVE jogging down the road, but that it's GOOD for her. It helps get the weight off and builds muscle to keep her hips in good shape. Tonight I dragged the jogging stroller out since Joe's working. I was a bit stressed at having to run Peanut and have JP in the stroller, but it was all for naught. Peanut naturally fell into the perfect walking place next to the front wheel. We were going just fast enough for her to jog lightly. She had to get used to the placement of the wheel at first, got bumped a few times, but did great after she got it down. We did a small bit of extra running on a side road with little traffic, I think it was a bit much for her. When we got almost back to the house she stopped on the road and didn't want to move. Either that or she was afraid I'd make her go further past, lol. I angled so she could see I was heading for the lawn and she came right over. Usually if she's off leash I have to chase her down. With these runs she just goes to the door and stands there, lol. Best aprt is she runs at a great pace for a light jog for me. SInce she's a corgi she can make a good little jogging buddy. Short, but perfect for what I need, lol.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ice cream!

Hmm third post of the day, I've been busy.

For those that don't know we just got a small kitchen table. Our house in general is small and to put a table in our kitchen has taken a few months to figure out. I finally found one with a glass top thats about 32" square. Not big but its perfect for us. Now that JP gets to eat at a table, and not on mommy's sofa, mealtime has become much more adventurous. Tonight Joe wanted to make sunday's at home. Specifically in waffle bowls. So we stopped and got what we needed.. waffle bowls, hot fudge, whipped cream and ice cream. Silly me didn't think to grab the cherries. What follows is a pictorial of what JP thought of an ice cream sunday he could eat all on his own...

Harness Bulge!!!!

Or maybe that's the 'toddler-now- eating- solids' 10

When we adopted Peanut she weighed a delicate 19lbs. Seemed a little low but the vet assured us that she was a 'petite' corgi. On average she's run between 19-22lbs for a couple of years. Been about 18 months since she was last weighed... maybe 2 years. JP's been eating solids and such since what? a year ago? with more and more interesting foods in the last 6-8months. I knew Peanut was hoovering (great term Dani) some of them, but didn't think it was THAT much. Peanut is also on a raw bones and meat diet (interested? look up B.A.R.F. for dogs online) This tends to keep cats and dogs at an optimal healthy weight. Guess peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish cracker and chicken nuggets aren't a part of that huh? I was looking at Peanut this morning and it dawned on me that her tummy was sticking up when she was lying on her side. Then I was petting her later and I realized that I could no longer feel her ribs (easy way to determine if a dog is overweight). I dragged out the baby scale to see how cooperative she would be. It almost worked but I got an idea. My svelte, petite puppy now weighs in the ballpark of ......

30LBS!!!!!! Ack!!! thats not good in a cogi that should weigh no more then 22-25lbs.

So now we have started the nightly family walk. Benefits Peanut and me in losing weight.. Joe in gaining conditioning and JP in entertainment, lol. Our goal tonight was a short walk. I put Peanuts harness on her and while on the walk noticed the fat roll over the harness straps. Poor dog. I've known that Peanut needs more exercise in general for her mood swings. She has way too much pent up energy which leads to a cranky dog. Cesar Milan recommends a 45min walk daily. Tonights run was about 25-30minutes. Peanut loved it! She didn't even want to walk! She and I jogged a good portion of it. Who knew that she could actually be my jogging buddy! Neither of us can run long or far so why not, lol. I do have to be careful and watch her as she has bilater hip dysplasia... mild but noticeable.

Bear Mountain Park and Zoo

I forgot that we have a small zoo in a nearby park. Joe suggested today that we go - so off to Bear Mountain Park we went.

This is the main lodgeWalking towards the zoo - poor headless dad is too tall, lol

Even a little fox needs a sleeping buddy
I'll see if I can lighten this pic and repost - this is 2 porcupines

The Bald Eagle
Check out this gorgeous view of the Hudson River
Can't have Bear Mountain Park with out a few bears
Cooling off in the heat