Sunday, July 12, 2009

My new gadget to play with...

I've been wanting to upgrade my cell phone for some time now. Basically for me to be able to acess my emails when away from a computer, or get my calendar and lists to try and stay organized. However I put it off as it will be costly. Not only for the new phone (one with a QWERTY keypad), but I'd also need to upgrade my plan to accommodate more time on the internet. The phone upgrade would cost between $75 - over $200 depending on the phone. The additional monthly cell phone charges would be $30-$40 each month, not including taxes.

Yikes! All I want is to remotely check my emails. Then lo and behold I found a solution!

On Friday I was looking on the internet when an ad for something called Peek caught my attention. I spent the -next hour looking up all I could on this...prices, options, applications for what I needed. It looked perfect! There are two options, the Classic and the Pronto. I could have ordered the Pronto, but wanted to pick one up asap, lol. This has been something I've wanted for over a year, but didn't know it existed. I got it at Target. The charcoal color was 14.95, the red and blue were 19.95 for the classic version. I bougt the Classic as I figured I'd save a few bucks in case I decided I wanted the Pronto.

Less then 2 days later and I knew I wanted the upgrade, which I can do online...and did. With the upgrade I get more then email. I also get unlimited text messaging, no delay in emails and the ability to open and read attachments. Cost per month is $15 - $20 a month depending on how many months you pay for. Oh and on classic I can check 2 email accounts, on pronto it's 5.

As far as easy to use? Very. I've typed this entire entry on my Peek and sent it here with no problems...except a crazy toddler dancing to the music at the end Horton Hears a Who.

p.s. - their customer service ROCKS!

Sent on the go from my Peek!