Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's been a long 6 months

I haven't posted here in about 6 months as it's just been a long 6 months. Overall Joe has done very well and surprised us all at how he's bounced back as much as he has. Too bad I've become quite adept at packing a hospital bag for him quickly and the ambulance crews remember our house now.

He left the hospital after the heart attack on December 1'st... was back in a couple of weeks later when his external defibrulator went off and actually shocked him. Turns out it was machine malfunction and not him.

A couple of weeks after that he went back in for a severe pinky toe infection. He and his toe have now parted, but he's got a good attitude about it and has healed extremely well.

Toss in a few more heart related ER runs ( only 1 resulted in him leaving the same day), another ambulance call and we get to today.

He is getting his pacemaker in today ( will correct this later - it's actually called something else and works a little differently). I'm a little creeped out that the surgery is 6 months to the day of the original heart attack, but we had such positive results then that this should be smooth and easy.

We've been told by some people that his energy will now increase a little and that would be a good thing. He is starting to ride a bike... but gets tired after a few rounds on the driveway. I wouldn't expect him to be doing long trips right now anyway.. and any exercise is better then none. He's also learning to keep his salt intake to normal levels. The last ambulance/ER/admission was for that and we almost ended up there the other day as well. Of course this past Sunday was also not helped because he didnb't take his Lasix which helps with fluid retention.

Amazingly though he is keeping a good eye on his blood sugar and they are staying in much better ranges with many days in the normal range. For him this is amazing.