Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funny moment last night

JP still nurses at night and in the morning. Last night we were lying down and he went to nurse. He looked at me and said "Yummy" then nursed. It was all I could do to not laugh at him. It was said so clearly and with such intent, lol.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I got a new camera for a combination birthday/mothers day gift this year (my idea). It has lots of fun features and abilities. I took some sample video of JP with it... it takes better video than my video camera. I know I got a great deal on this camera to begin with.. looks like it has even more useful value, lol

Thursday, March 6, 2008

just some cute pics taken the other day

JP was having a blast playing drums...on Daddy's head, lol...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh please, oh please..

Someone please remove my head so that I can get some relief. This fast hitting cold is either from the previously mentioned projectile slime child... or my boss. JP's slime has all but stopped after just 2 days and while sick he was his usual happy self. my boss on the other hand had massive head pain off and on for days. All I wanted to do today was sleep :( . Joe got home around 1am from work... slept till noon.... left for work again at just before 2pm...and won't be home till close to midnight. I have to get slime child to sleep early, but he's looking particularly alert and active. Wish me luck that he lets me sleep by 8pm


My poor husband. He means well, but sometimes he inadvertently comes out with the most hysterical comments. There was another episode this week, but first let me share the gems from when I was pregnant....

#1 - I had my bottle of prenatal vitamins on the table and had just taken one. Joe looks at me and asks what they are. I told him they were pre-natal vitamins.
"Is that safe for the baby?"

#2 - I had just gotten a new sonogram picture. I showed Joe. It was right before Halloween and i was about 20 weeks along. I refered to JP as Skeletor at the time because of how his picture looked. I joked around with Joe about it and then he came out with:

"how do you know the baby has skin?"

poor guy, after I stopped laughing I informed him that the skin is what keeps everything together, lol.

There's another one that was priceless, but it's escaping me at the moment. I'll post it when I remember.

Now to this week.

Wednesday I was working late. Joe calls me and the conversation was as such:

Joe: "I think somethings wrong with the baby"
Me: "Why?"
Joe: "he's laughing at the ceiling"
Me: " is he eating ok?"
Joe: " Yes"
Me: "drinking from his bottle ok?"
Joe: "yes"
Me: "interacting with you ok?"
Joe: "yes"
Me: "he's 12 months old, he does weird things"

messy baby and projectile slime

JP fed himself breakfast this morrning all on his own. Mommy finally let go and just let him at it, lol. Nice sticky cream of wheat and bananas. I don't know which took longer, lol... the eating of breakfast or the cleanup. While I love watching him explore his world and master new tasks, I'm always a little bit sad. How fast he's growing up :( . I don't want my snuggly little boy to grow up too fast, but he has other ideas, lol. Now if I could only change his mind about dropping everything. I know its fascinating to him, but those lego's hurt!

now I know you are all dying to know what I mean by projectile slime... c'mon ..admit it ;) .

On Thursday JP came down with a cold. I think we went nearly 6 weeks without slime this time. This was a new experience though. You know how when kids sneeze and they get a little slimy? Well this was that 10X worse. He would sneeze so hard that he'd have slime hanging to his chin. I never knew I could move so fast with tissues. I think i developed a new aerobic workout. The only good side was that there was no question that he was clearing out his sinuses well. The bad side is 2 days later I have his cold :(

oh and one final thought.... what is it with babies and water bottles? Mr. Slimy was just handing me toys and wanting my attention, until he got a hold of a water bottle and now is happily playing with it. He's fascinated with them, I don't know if its the look, the crinkle or the shape. On the other hand it makes for an inexpensive toy thats easily replaced.