Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 2.....

All in all this is going well. At lunch I was tempted out of habit. However I resisted confident in the thought of a cup of Medi-fast cream of broccoli soup.

The scale and I are friends this morning after just one day on the program. I'm down 3.5lbs. Sure it's mostly, if not all, water weight... but let me have my happiness, lol. I decided to let my support website plan my meals for me. This way I don't run thru any favorites all to fast.

Today's Menu includes:

Banana Creme shake - pretty tasty
Cranberry-Mango drink - I like this even if the thicker texture seems weird to me
Cream of Broccoli soup - not bad... although being hungry may make it taste better
Maple oatmeal - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Caramel nut bar - tbd

my 'lean and green' meal will most likely be chicken.. with the biggest field green salad with whatever other veggies I can throw in.

I know it takes 2 or 3 days to adjust... I'm hoping I'm in the 2 day version. I don't feel bad. Just mildly hungry, mildly lightheaded and while I'm getting work done, I feel like it's in slow motion. I have no patience for this today, lol. I'm going home, making dinner for Peanut, JP and I and relaxing. I'll let my body and brain just veg for awhile. I'm sure tomorrow I will wake up adjusted to the plan and feeling energetic and fabulous, lol

have I mentioned I am delusional sometimes?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

And so it begins

Today I committed to starting a new weight loss program called Medi-fast. I started my day off with scrambled eggs. Powdered scrambled eggs that I have to add water to and microwave. They aren't all that bad. They did taste like eggs. I added celery seed to it and ate them. I could do it again, it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be. I also had a cranberry-mango drink that I wanted to try. not bad. It was about 2 hours ago. I'm getting a little hungry but would like to hold out another hour. Then I'm warming up with a cup of chia latte. i hope it all tastes as good as it sounds.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

comments containing spam

I have changed my settings so that I am to approve any comments now posted to my blog. For those that believe that consistently sending me spam comments to trick me into buying your anti-virus progam, you will be reported each time to Blogger with the address of the blog you are using as your account.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

more snow bear


here's another sweet shot of my little blue snow bear!
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on a soapbox

sometimes i can let things go easily. other times I can't - just ask Joe, lol.

i don't know why this one thing is upsetting me so much this week.... maybe it's just the weather and that I need spring. Anyway, on to my actual topic.

What ever happened to simply accepting that you are wrong and offer a simple apology. This is in regards to a specific thing with me. Raised voices and accusations that are out of line.

The one that set me off today was this:

we rent from a lovely older lady whose health has become a concern. She's no longer living in her house across the patio from ours. a week and a half ago we had a really nasty winter storm. I was trying to get to work... having to take JP with me unexpectedly.. Joe was stuck at work and I HAD to be at work that do to work on a project. I did not shovel the walkway. For the first time in THREE YEARS! ok, ok so there was one other time I was not able to do the shoveling. Pardon me but I was in the freaking hospital giving birth to my son. When I came home from the hospital there was a huge ice flow in front of my front door. This was to be climbed over.. not something you could step over. Yep I was thrilled to be climbing over this 36 hours after delivering JP. With stitches in a delicate area that was involved in walking. No Joe coulnd't handle it prior to me coming home because it had frozen solid before he got home and uhmmmm.. Joe kind of wanted to be in the hospital with JP and I. Our friend and JP's godfather came to see JP and chopped a path thru the ice. I didn't realize how angry I was still about this until what happened with this particular episiode. Last Saturday relatives were over helping our landlord pack up. The one said to Joe "What? You couldn't even take care of the walkway?" Joe let it pass, I was fuming. To me that implies that I've never taken care of it. How was I to know that our landlord was going to come back that soon after the storm?? Oh and have I mentioned that maybe the walkway wasn't done but neither was the driveway. The huge, now rut filled driveway that bounced you around trying to leave and come back. I know I'm rambling, bear with me. Earlier this week the person that made the comment to Joe was back getting furniture. I stopped him to explain that it was only the second time it hadn't been done, but I was cut off twice because he didn't want to discuss it and because he was in a hurry. I don't care. The comment did not need to be made in that way. I was then told he'd drop off extra sand and salt for us to use. This was said in a nice manner, not condescending or blaming tone. Whatever, he didn't care to talk to me for 2 minutes so I just stressed to him and his helper that the walkway issue was an issue of 2 times in 3 years. Well yesterday there was a lovely snow storm. Driving home from work was tough. I get home and I'm in a mood over the walkway and driveway in general. Oh and for the record I never minded doing the walkway for the 2 houses unless I was pressed for time. I did it and I'd like to think I did a darn good job. I pulled in the driveway yesterday and immediately shoveled the walkway again... then got mad and did the driveway. this is not a huge driveway but is wide. I was out there for an hour and didn't realize how soaked my hair was until i went in (nope... no hood) I was fuming as I knew we wouldn't be plowed out by the excuse of a grandson who is supposed to handle it. Today the same relative and his wife plus a couple of others were over. Joe left for work and the wife called out to him and they all talked for a few minutes. I called Joe a little later and asked what was up. I'd be fighting mad if there was another complaint. Joe made sure they knew that I shoveled the driveway by hand. The husband was so sweet (sarcastic) told Joe that he'd have a snowblower dropped off for me. How nice... just what I want. NOT. I want the driveway done in time for Joe and I to work and an apology over the walkway comment. Then as I'm in the livingroom the grandson has a friend riding around on an ATV with a plow attached!!! where was this yesterday?! I walked Peanut, said hello to the wife and turned my back on the rest of them.

other times this bothers me is when people lash out at me and don't stop at the inital comment or want me to give them an answer that they like. Do NOT yell at me if it;s not my fault. If you do then have the decency and courtesy to come back and say "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take it out on you" Really? is it that hard to do? I manage ot apologize when i do it? why do others think it's acceptable to do to me?

I no longer let it slide. Yes you may be having an off day, you may be stressed... but I am not everyone's verbal punching bag! I have off days as well - today being one of them.I think it's time as a society to go back to old time manners. If you are wrong say I'm sorry.

my snow bear

JP had his first trip outside to play in snow. this is the first storm that had enough snow to be fun.....and that wasn't covered in sleet or ice.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Cake pics

I'm slowly going to add pictures of some of my cakes this morning. For some insane reason our office is NOT closed today. Every other business in 5 counties pretty much is. We have a major winter storm hitting...NOW. Robin and I were right behind each other from her house to the office. Neither of us has 4 wheel drive. WE were sliding all over the road when we had to stop and start for red lights. The only benefit to staying at work right now is that the roads will get some attention in the next few hours. The first up will be the irish lace cake. oh and I did NOT make the topper. That was purchased at a cake decorating store.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How the cakes began......

It's been a few years since I did cakes frequently. Lack of space, time and a bit of cake-perfectionism- burnout had me taking a break. Then I had a child, lol. I was determined that his first birthday cake would be made by me and the result is the rubber duck cake in my photo's. I've gotten a ton of compliments on it and I just can't say enough how incredibly easy that cake is for anyone to do.

however one thing that it has also done is recreated my interest in baking and decorating cakes. I like to do things that are a little more than the usual rose covered sheet cakes that you can find in the local bakeries. Now Ace of Cakes I am not, although I love watching that show for ideas. I'm really interested in trying my hand at a french toast shaped cake after a recent episode, lol.

provided i can get in to the office tomorrow (snow and ice storm coming in AGAIN) and get time at lunch I'd love to scan and share some pictures of other cakes I have done. Sadly I have not taken a picture of each cake and there are some I'm sorry I missed. The one that comes to mind the most was the cross cake with the fondant covering draped to look like fabric and accented with flowers. The cake that stands out as the longest decorating project was the irish lace cake. This was requested by a bride from ireland which was why i caved and did make it. it took about 12 or so hours to just decorate...not bake..not assemble...not ice and cover with fondant..just to do the detail work. i'm my own worst critic and even I know this cake is gorgeous, lol

oops almost forgot to explain how I got into cake decorating to begin with, lol. Early in life i couldn't ice a cake decoratively for the life of me. they always looked, weird, for lack of a better word. Now quite a few years ago my youngest niece was turning 4 i think. I was with my mom and we found out the store couldn't make a cake that fast as we were ordering late. This would be about 12 years ago. My mom looked at me and asked if I could do a cake. I took a deep breath and said I'd try. armed with a little book of basic techniques..and a lot of prayer I made the cake. I can't even remember what it looked like, although I know I wasn't thrilled with it, lol. However it sparked an interest and I started practicing and playing around with decorating techniques. Turns out I have a small gift for cake decorating and creativity, lol. Some are simple, some are stunning, some are silly... but they are all interesting, lol.

Goldfish chugging

So my son is preparing for college hazing pranks already. Seems he wants to perfect the goldfish challenge. The object of this game is to cram as many goldfish crackers in your mouth as possible without mommy noticing. Then try to eat them. When that is too hard you give up and start coughing them out. JP is now on a 2 goldfish cracker restriction,lol.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Building Wealth Quickly

no, i'm not going to try and sell you some obscure 'guaranteed' system, lol. I have to share this story though. I stayed home from work sick today. My darling child gave me his virus and I was up all night with a nasty fever. I went to distract him this morning so I could rest some more. He picked up the remote... turned the satellite system on (TV was on, just in standby). I heard him flip through a few different things, and raised my head enough to grab the remote to turn on Nogin channel for him. He had one of the menus up and I closed that to get another menu for setting a timer for a program... Building Wealth Quickly, lol. They say it's never to early to start.. I guess they meant it, lol.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Party

The party was great. JP had a blast being pushed around in his new buggy...and radio flyer wagon. He was spoiled with gifts and attention, lol. The rubber duck cake was a big hit but JP was not thrilled. I'm adding him to a list of first birthday babies that don't get interested in their cake, lol. here are the pictures!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Party Day!!

Today is JP's first birthday party. It's scheduled from 2-5pm and should be short and sweet, lol. It's currently about 11:15am. So far I've done (since last night and some during the week work):

made sausage and bow tie pasta dish
ordered and picked up deli tray and side salads
baked and mostly decorated birthday cake (need to add bubbles)
picked up party supplies
made goody bags
ordered balloons

I'm off in a few minutes to get the balloons, the frosting I need for bubbles, mayo and mustard for the sandwiches. The car is 75% packed, JP's outfit is ready to go and that's about that.

Joe has done:

ehhh what's new about that.

My best friend is helping me set up and decorate and we're meeting at 1ish. Let's see if Joe will be up and ready to go by then. I really could use an extra set of hands if nothing else, and JP's hands don't count yet, lol.

Last night JP was helping me in the kitchen. I had him in the high chair near the fridge. He had a lot of fun with our game of 'open the door' and "close the door" Only problem was that he was trying to close the door while I was trying to get things in and out of the open door. He had a blast laughing at mommy, lol.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm one today!!!

so I'm stealing computer time while mom is busy..

I turned one year old today!!!! wow. I can't believe how fast the year has gone. From seeing the world thru blurry vision and no mobility to seeing everything and crawling at lightning speed! Have I been busy or what? I had a great day today! Mom and Dad were home all day with me, we went shopping and they let me pick out my first radio controlled car, a truck set, my first crayons and a cool puzzle and some blocks that look like wood but are really foam! I have a party on saturday and I'm looking forward to smashing a piece of cake. I've heard it's lots of fun. I'll update and let you all know how it went.. and I'll be sure to add pictures!

gotta run and get some sleep.... I'm home with Dad all day tomorrow and I have to run him ragged... hehehehehehehehe.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday, February 7, 2008

i've finally copied all my videos onto my computer. Now to start sharing them, lol.

this one is old.. JP was around 3 months old and we just got the mobile. He loved watching it.

Friday, February 1, 2008

daycare trials and tribulations

JP has been in daycare since about 3 months old. It took 6 weeks after I went back to work to find a solution that was best for us and JP. He started at 2 days and went to 3 in September. At the beginning of January he dropped back down to 2 days. Financially it's been ok. 2 days was much much easier than 3 days. Especially for the month that Joe was out of work. I had to keep JP in the 3 days because we didn't know what Joe would end up working and I was afraid to lose the day. Joe schedule and mine work very well for daycare reasons now. We have it to a smooth and easy schedule and Joe wanted another day with JP so thats why we dropped the 3rd day. Well now Joe is complaining about daycare costs. This has come up before with us. Frankly since I make the most money and it's MY sanity that I care about, daycare is wonderful. I love Dani and Annie and they are great with JP, he has fun and has a buddy there 6 weeks younger than him. It's also less than a mile from our house. I really like that especially in the northeast winter with nasty storms. I don't stress about having JP in the car on iffy roads. I don't want JP out of daycare completely. We may switch to just Friday's. We have to talk more on this.

Now to the next issue. I know it's a business, but it's home based and we've gotten to know the family fairly well. Enough to know that money is a struggle. Dani has been so wonderful with our ever changing schedule. In the past 9 months we've changed JP's days around probably 8 or 9 times. Part of me doesn't want to pull JP out another day as it's a loss of income for them. I know that more than likely the spot will be filled, but for reason I have guilt over this, lol.

Joe drops JP off on Friday's somewhere btwn 8-8:30am ...I think. I actually am not sure on this, lol. I get a call from daycare a little before 7am...... The daycare has been flooded! They have to close anyway for the day. I feel so bad for her because it's expensive to get a crew in to suck up the water and clean up. They just don't need this right now.

ok, thats my ramblings for the morning.... I'm sure I'll be back with something else later, lol.