Saturday, March 1, 2008


My poor husband. He means well, but sometimes he inadvertently comes out with the most hysterical comments. There was another episode this week, but first let me share the gems from when I was pregnant....

#1 - I had my bottle of prenatal vitamins on the table and had just taken one. Joe looks at me and asks what they are. I told him they were pre-natal vitamins.
"Is that safe for the baby?"

#2 - I had just gotten a new sonogram picture. I showed Joe. It was right before Halloween and i was about 20 weeks along. I refered to JP as Skeletor at the time because of how his picture looked. I joked around with Joe about it and then he came out with:

"how do you know the baby has skin?"

poor guy, after I stopped laughing I informed him that the skin is what keeps everything together, lol.

There's another one that was priceless, but it's escaping me at the moment. I'll post it when I remember.

Now to this week.

Wednesday I was working late. Joe calls me and the conversation was as such:

Joe: "I think somethings wrong with the baby"
Me: "Why?"
Joe: "he's laughing at the ceiling"
Me: " is he eating ok?"
Joe: " Yes"
Me: "drinking from his bottle ok?"
Joe: "yes"
Me: "interacting with you ok?"
Joe: "yes"
Me: "he's 12 months old, he does weird things"

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Boo said...

HA HA to something being wrong with JP for laughing at the ceiling!

Quick! Call 911!!