Monday, March 30, 2009

To twitter or not to twitter...

I'm all for technology and new fun gadgets or ideas. But Twitter has me second guessing. I can see the fun of it. Quick, easy updates just to keep people up to date on what we're doing. But I joined another social networking site to do that... at least I think thats why I joined. For some reason I seem to spend way too much time fishing for odd looking fish in weird locations.. but I do try to keep things updated.

At one point I signed on for an account for Twitter, but never went further. Of late I've had 2 friends sign up and add me so they could 'follow' me via Twitter. But I don't Twitter anything. Who needs to know my next goal in life is a cup of coffee... or that I'm about to doze off over my keyboard due to a recent insomnia bout. Sure I can Twitter when away from a computer, but seeing as thats:

A) generally in a store picking things up


B) while at a park playing with my son

I just don't see much use of it in my life. In a store my goal is to get in and out and get on with life.... when playing with my son I should be focused on that. Can you hear him in kindergarten?

" JP what does your mommy do"

" she Twitters"

Now I'm not against people that do Twitter or that follow Twitterers. I'm not even against Twitter at all. Sure I can Twitter about my latest cake project, but that always seems more visual to me and most want to see a pic of whatever I'm talking about anyway. I just don't see what in my simple, quiet life is worth twittering about. A few years ago maybe.. now?

well... we'll see.


katiebear said...

I like Twitter b/c i'm nebby... but not sure I can keep up with doing my own. where will we be able to see your twitter?

Kelly said...

i'm keljo05 on twitter. I just went to double check that and my MOM is on twitter!! That cracks me up because she never has her cell phone on and usually asks me about new internet things, lol.

Jenn said...

This is weird, I was just sitting here asking Nick what the heck twitter is! I read about it sometimes, but have never been to the site. And I'm only 22! I feel so out of it.

I don't think I'll be twittering anytime soon. A)I don't have internet on my phone B)I hardly have time to blog or update any pictures anyways, so I'd never do it and C)I don't think my life is so interesting to anyone but me!

I might see if I can find some people on there and see what it's all about, but it just seems like another way to stay constantly busy. I hate cell phones, for the simple fact that anyone can contact me, at any time. And everyone expects you to answer when they call! Some days I like to be unreachable! If it's an emergency, leave a message and I'll listen. LOL