Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peanut's Wednesday Weekly - Park Time!!

ok, ok... so it's Thursday. What can I say? the holiday on Monday threw me off and they hang the calendars too high for me to see clearly in this house. Maybe I need glasses? I am getting up there in doggy years.

It's been a sadly boring summer here in NY. June was...wet. July was wet and dry but cooler then summer...August ..was normal with high temps and humidity. Speaking of which why are they called the dog days of summer? because we lie around more? heck cat;s do that all the time and I haven't seen any cat nicknamed weather...hrmphh.

One day last week I not only got my nails done, but I got to run around at the park later! Ahhhhhhhh it felt so good to stretch my legs without a human attached to a leash. There was a huge expanse of grass to explore, playground equipment to look at.. swings to contemplate..even a few dogs at a distance to look at and maybe bark at.

Sadly the summer weather seems to be over with. While it's warm-ish.. the temps went from 90's to the 70's. Sigh.. no more beach weather for me. I'm hoping to get quite a few more park trips in though. Gotta make sure I'm in good shape before the winter comes in. Round is a shape though right?

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