Thursday, April 9, 2009

to plant a garden or not to plant

I enjoy the idea of a garden and the benefits of homegrown fruits and veggies. This year I have plans to turn my small front flower bed into an herb garden, which I will still probably do. I also plan to find a spot to plant seeds for giant pumpkins for JP. I'm hoping to get 2 HUGE pumpkins of over 100lbs each. One for in front of the house, and one for our office. The soil around our home isn't the greatest for gardening, even though there is a lot. We also rent and while our landlords are very lenient, I'm not sure how they would feel about the property being dug up. I'd LOVE to set up a square foot garden system, but not sure if Joe would be agreeable to it. I also wanted to build a small childrens garden for JP.

On my way into work yesterday I noticed that I thought was a sign for a community garden in a park being developed. I go by this park every day which is a huge plus. For $25.00 I'd get a 20footx20foot plot to plant. Only organic pesticides which is another plus. Now to decide if I'd be motivated enough to set it up and keep it up. Hmmm maybe I can convince Joe that a square foot garden system is worthwhile, lol.

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Dani said...

OH those community gardens seem like a good deal. We have a couple around here, they fill up quick. I don't drive by one often. I want to grow a couple things, I've been wondering how those tomato trees work. I'm just awful about watering on a regular basis.