Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year!!

2007 had it's wonderful high points, and some spectacular low points, lol. Ah well such is the balance of life. 2008 is going to be a wonderful year. Yesterday I almost picked up a new bib for JP. One that said Baby's first Valentine's day. Then I realized my year of firsts was dwindling. My little boy is a Valentines baby and his first Valentine was spent being delivered and poked and prodded.. and sharing a room with a mommy that had no clue what to do next. Silly me really didn't realize that being a mom is natural... and it doesn't hurt to have some great friends who are great moms as well.

Our sleep training is going much smoother than I expected. We have our nights where tears are the theme and I nurse him to the edge of sleep. Other nights it may take 45 min and a lot of lying down a jumping baby, but he does go to sleep. Tonight he got up 5 times. He quieted down and I went to his door. He was rubbing (scratching?) the sheets but he was drifting off. As much as I love nursing him to sleep, as it's comforting to both of us, he is sleeping so much better now. he just needed to relearn how to sooth himself back to sleep. I still bring him to bed when I lie down. Joe and I are happy co-sleeping and it is comforting to all of us.

New Years is always a time of looking of forward and backward. Looking back over 2007 I'd change a million little things. I'd also have still done a million little things I did. 2008 is another year, another start and another chance to make my life what I want. I'm a good mom I think. I have a great son, beautiful, happy, mostly content. yet still a baby with a tantrum here and there. I want to be a better mom still. JP spoils me as he is content playing by himself for a good period of time. I need to be more involved in playing with him. Don't misunderstand, JP and I have a lot of fun together. The changes I want are just little things that I think will make me a better parent.

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Irishembi said...

awww, it's sweet when they develop little habits like scratching teh sheets to get themselves to sleep. Jamie talks himself to sleep! LOL! Hope you get more sleep soon!