Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Catus cake

I've finally decided to get back into cake decorating. On my list of blogs is the one for my business, Indescribably Delicious, although its just a rough blog at the moment.

My full time job is in an office building. For some time now only, 5 of 10 offices have been rented. This past week a new company moved into 3 suites downstairs. 40-50 employees there every day. From a wellness office point of view we want to welcome them into the office and let them know of our services. We were thinking on taking cookies down (we're on the upper level) and then I thought about making a cake. Which benefits me as well, lol. When trying to decide what they were (industry) we got the impression that they worked in vacuum sales. At first I was going to make a vacuum cake. Then I had a great idea to make a cake I've wanted to make for years. Its a cactus cake. I mentioned this to my boss and she wanted to know what a cactus had to do with vacuums. I reminded her that a plant was a traditional new office gift. I know what she's thinking:

she'll learn one day to not underestimate my imagination, lol.. which to be honest is rare. This is the base of my cake plan:

it will be a ball shaped green cactus on one side of an oval dish.. with smaller yellow and peach colored cacti made from cupcakes. A couple will be double height cupcakes. I just finished making the royal icing for the 'spines' and the flower. I'll get those done and started to dry and will then have to run out for the tray (originally meant to just do as above) and some ice cream - for me, lol.


katiebear said...

OMG> that is a really awesome cake!!!
So, how well do cakes ship??

Kelly said...

hahaha.. they don't.. they can be delivered with much better success.

katiebear said...

will they survive the drive? my birthday is coming up... ;)