Sunday, August 10, 2008

ewwwww and my day was going so well

My day was going so smoothly. JP took a nap earlier and I started my cooking for the week. Now this wasn't everything, but most of the dishes. I made double batches of the Chicken Enchilada's, Boo's Apricot Chicken, Lasagna, plus 2 bags of rice for future use cooked and in the freezer and a small batch of homemade tomato soup. I was mid way thru the lasagna. Just about to make the trays after the meat cooked.

Sigh. JP hadn't napped long and was in his safe play area while  I cooked. I checked on him quick before assembling the lasagna. Noticed a speck of dirt on his face but couldn't think of where it came from. Looked at his hands. Ugh... Looked at the BACK of his diaper. Yep. You guessed it. All over his hands, the back of the diaper and just yuck. Luckily it was a solid poop and not a runny one. Not much better but you take what you can get and think positively.  Picked him up and bypassed the changing table totally and went for an immediate bath. lovely. while scrubbing him i had to dump the inflatable tub due to items floating from the fast bath decision. I had JP sitting in the general tub and he stood up... then slipped even though I tried to hold him and dump the tub.. Then I'm feeling bad for him falling and knocking his head. Poor kid. So now he's all squeaky clean, the play area has been checked and wiped down with lysol wipes. He is now safely secured in a onesie and a pair of shorts as opposed to just a t-shirt.  At least he won't be able to do much damage if the diaper gets full before I notice again.

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