Friday, August 15, 2008

I know i'm tired but...

JP and Peanut are driving me nuts for the last 2 days. Peanut sits on the back of one couch staring at traffic going by for most of a day. Unless JP is free roaming the house. Then she's like freaking velcro attached to my side. If JP gets in 'her' space she gets annoyed. This is the same dog that sleeps by his crib when he's sleeping.. is the first to his side when he cries... gets tough with Joe if Joe is horsing around with JP too much (in her opinion). I now have a gate separating them and you would think I'd put her in solitary confinement with only water and icky milk bones for food.

I haven't slept thru the night in 2 weeks. Week one JP was waking a lot for unknown reasons. This past week it's been the darn poison oak which only seems to itch at 1am in the morning. After I get it calmed down, then comes the nightly thunderstorm. Peanut hates thunder and tries to scare it away by barking. Edgy is a good term for me as of late. I came home early today (took a half day for no reason other than to use it) Joe left to go pick up his parents van for a trip we're taking tomorrow to Sesame Place. He left about 1:30. Its now 5:30 and he's not expected back until maybe 6pm because the seats to the van are in SIL's garage. No one has the keys which I find very odd. This of course means no nap or break for me. JP is currently obsessed with Peanuts water bowl and has been told NO 5 times.... until he got his fishy and put fishy in the water bowl.

I know I should stop him now. Then again it's better than destination #1 which was the toilet bowl until I stopped him, lol. Sigh.. and no JP...we don't play with Lysol wipes containers or turn off mommy's computer.

I still need to pack what we need for tomorrow but I'm just so tired.


katiebear said...

at least he's not drinking peanuts water. jordan drinks the cat water. totally gross as the bowl isn't cleaned nearly as often as it should be.

Dani said...

Comet tolerates Cassidy, Corki grumbles and gets out of the way. Although, Corki is extremely interested in the baby (she wasn't here when we had Cassidy).

As for the water dish, for now we leave it on the deck, so when the Cassidy makes a mess it's outside, of course, she's still wet tho. UGH