Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 2009

ok, ok.. I know I'm early. But I want to change things a bit this year.

throughout the year I want to pick up gift cards to use for shopping later. I figure I can even pick up specific amount cards to match the budgeted amounts we set. Then next year we go shopping and our fund are all set.

I'm also determined to knit several projects this year. First up is this:

my boss made one for me and my mom wanted one too. It was supposed to be for this past Christmas, but I never got it started. I"m hoping to get about 3-4inches done a night and have it done within a month. I was up to 3 inches tonight.. but in getting the link for this post I realized that I am using the wrong needle. Instead of a size 10 needle.. I'm using a size 6. Sigh.. time to undo what I've gotten done. Oh well better now then when almost done, lol. At least the work should go a bit quicker with a larger needle size as well.

I also want to make matching ...simple.. sweaters for Joe and JP. I have a beautiful yarn picked out. Lion Brand Suede in a rich, medium blue color. I need quite a bit so I'll be picking it up on sale and with coupons.

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Boo said...

I love the gift card idea! That way you spend your own money and still get the christmas sales. Fantastic!