Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Peanut's Wednesday Weekly...The Green Bean and Cottage Cheese Diet......

So I have to drop a few pounds. Summer is coming and I'm not going thru it again with the harness bulge I had last year. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have to wear a harness and have harness bulges??

Mom went on that site she likes so much. There are quiet a few threads about corgis and weight loss. Several times there was mention of green beans and cottage cheese to help lose weight. Mom has started replacing my dinner with this option. Its pretty good so I eat it all. Although I have to admit I am noticing a trend.... tonight there were suspiciously more green beans then cottage cheese... still good so I ate it all. While it can't compare with my yummy raw meat and bone diet, I do get more in this meal so who am I to complain. When in the mood for a snack I just attack Dad's black shoes. Has to be the black ones.. nothing else will do. Mom and Dad don't like it when I do that so tonight they tried putting some tabasco sauce on them. Silly parents... that just made them more yummy.

Exercise is tough. It's an icy/snowy winter so far and neither mom or I feel the urge to walk on the road. For this I am grateful. That cold pavement hurts my feet. We do play more in the house, but it's a small house and I can only get up so much speed. I'm hoping the green beans work quick so I can go back to my usual 2 raw meals a day.

Till next week!!


ncp said...

Good luck with your diet. My mommy thinks I need to lose a pound or two. Hope she doesn't feed my green beans Yuck!! I am a meat eater!!!!
Raw hot dogs, shared with my dad are my favorites!! Mommy says I shouldn't be eating those.

There has to be a way, that we can sneak into the kitchen and get that fridge opened and eat our little hearts out ;) I'll let you know if I figure this out.

Please don't tell your mom what I am up to or she might tell my mommy and then I am in trouble :(

Pandi, the wonder Poodle

Kelly said...


I've got an idea for the fridge.. JP is getting really really good at opening doors. I'm going to study his technique and I'll let you know what I learn.

the green beans aren't bad at all. My mom hates them and can't see how I can eat them, but they are tolerable.

ncp said...

You really shouldn't eat veggies, it gives us fuzzy kids a bad reputation ;)

I only eat them, when it is all my mom has and let me tell you, my mom loves all veggies!!!! So she slips them to me allot.

Dad is the go to person around here for meat.

Let me know how you do with the fridge.


Dani said...

I'm sure Peanut loves his veggies. My corgis will eat anything put in front of them.

When Comet needs to drop some pounds I lessen his dog food and give him green beans and canned pumpkin. He really likes the pumpkin. My mom's doxie likes pumpkin too.

Boo said...

Dear Peanut,

While I understand that it's important to you to be yourself and have things just the way you like it, I am not so sure that you're aware of just how offensive your "just a dog" photo can be.

I know that I am small, and that I don't pack much of a punch. But my heart is big and I have much love to give. I consider myself just as much dog as you or any other.

I just had to say it. It's been bothering me for the last 3 dog years.