Thursday, January 15, 2009

I can do this...

Anyone read Stephen Kings book 'Duma Key'?

This post has nothing to do with the book of which I'm 80% done. However the main character often mutters this phrase as part of a healing process.

Today it dawned on me that this needs to be a key phrase in my life with weight loss...

I Can Do This

Years ago I lost about 40lbs by just repeating the word 'No' in my mind. Some days and some temptations that was all I thought. Obviously it didn't work in the end. I've had success taking each day and thinking if I could 'X" amount of time, then I could continue until I reached goal. While I have some success... obviously I'm still trying to reach that goal. My new phrase though has potential. Its a positive, confident statement that's easy to say and remember.

I Can Do This

How many times have you made a grand plan to start a diet on a certain day and planned it out? How successful were you? did you make it to lunch? I generally don't. I've learned that I need to find my start day quietly. I awake each day hoping that that is the day that I start over again and learn to love myself enough to lose the extra weight and get healthy.

I Can Do This

I had such a day on Tuesday of this week. I just woke up and said that I'd have a healthy shake for breakfast... I continued thru the morning as per my Take Shape For Life program. I was doing fine with temptations around me at work. Heck on the way home I picked up some brussel sprouts and shallots at the farmers market on the corner. For dinner I had a delicious dinner of roasted brussel sprouts, shallots and shredded ham. Yes I actually CRAVED a dinner of brussel sprouts. While not a normal dinner.. I do like brussel sprouts, lol.

Today concerned me as its a day off and Joe goes to work at 2:00. So far today I've done just fine. I ran out for some shopping and picked up more veggies. My dinner tonight is going to be eggplant steaks with a garnish of roasted red peppers, chickpeas, olives and feta cheese. One thing I love about the Take Shape For Life program is that it's not an all or nothing plan and feta and black olives are fine. Oh and I'm also going to make a salmon filet I picked up. Yumm Yummm Yumm.

I CAN Do This!!


katiebear said...


ncp said...

Lots of luck to you!! We started a mostly fish, veggies and fruit diet around this house at Christmas time.
As I slow run out of the bad food, I am replacing it with the veggies and fruit.
It makes me crazy at times. A house with out oreo's just doesn't seem right, but we have no Oreo's and I am still alive.
You can do it!!!!

ncp said...

Yes, I am barking loudly, I want you to hear me.
Did you pass out for all the veggies your mom is feeding you.
I look forward to Wed, you are the only thing my mom lets me read on the internet.
Hope you are still alive and have figured out how to get in the fridge.

Pandi, one very worried poodle

Kelly said...

pandi - sorry.. it was just too darn cold to come out from under the blankets the other day. I'm doing good.. green beans aren't that bad after all and I've lost 1.5lbs! Mom says 8 more and then the green beans will go away. I need to find corgi aerobics, lol

ncp said...

Peanut I know all about staying under the blankets, I do that allot since leaving FL.

I am very relived to hear from you. Next time have your mom bring you the computer in bed. After all, you are the one that controls the house ;)