Saturday, May 29, 2010

the consequences of ones actions, lol

Ahhh yes.. well It seems I've fallen off of my Weekly Wednesday reports. In fact this is Saturday, but let's just pretend ok?

For several months now I've been afforded an occasional freedom. I am allowed, under certain rules, to roam free as long as I behave. Or until I'm caught not behaving. This week I had 2 transgressions. The first was on Thursday about 6:30am. I decided to check out the pine trees across the road. On the neighbors property. Amelia (cat) encouraged me, which should have clued me in. Darn cat can move faster then greased lightning when we are about to get into trouble. Apparently mom was looking out the front window not realizing I had made an escape. She told me... with oddly clenched teeth.. that at first she was merely curious and trying to figure out what new animal was running across the yard. Until she realized the gold and white tail-less animal was me. I was on probation all day.

Now Friday is Dad's day with us.. and he's ... more relaxed with us. Since I was not being monitored I once again listened to Amelia tell me that deer droppings were ok to roll in and that mom wouldn't mind.

Apparently she did.. as you can see in these pics. yes I have paid for my transgression..and can only hope that I've learned my lesson and that I am a reformed dropping roller.


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