Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drive in Movie fun - think the adults had more fun then the kids

Sadly I don't have any pictures. I didn't take my camera as it's been acting up. I'm hoping the new card and new battery resolve the issue. I also didn't grab the cell phone as I was too busy making sure JP didn't either go swimming in the puddles or stood in the way of driving vehicles. Thankfully he learned after the first time on that one.

Our original plans were for the group that was going, was to come to our place, eat pizza, and head off for the movies after that. Due to a few unforeseen incidents we ended up loading up the pizza's and going. This drive in does not forbid food, but reminds you that they make a profit from concession stand sales. With 6 kids total I knew we'd be at the concession stand no matter how stuffed the kids were, lol.

The kids and adults all had a great time. The kids ran around the 3 cars and played tag, ate pizza, and just had fun. The adults also had fun watching them...and just relaxing. Although there was this one incident with one person (ah-hem!) generously offering chips to the other friend.. and moving the bag so that it became an acrobatic act, lol. The chips were crab flavored chips and I told her it was worse then alaskan crab fishing, lol.  This drive in also allows adult beverages as long as you do NOT sell (duh) and you do NOT become a problem (also DUH). None of the drivers went near this and those that did did not overdo..but well lets say crab chip fishing was not helped by this, lol. Oh and the other person that put the wine on top of their van? sigh... all I can say is men and their lack of discretion, lol.

The movie finally started to the great enjoyment of the kids seated in the back of our van. Next time the adults ( and teens) have chose to be smart and take chairs, lol. However btwn the 2 vans and the 1 car everyone was fairly comfy. After JP relaxed from running around I went to stand with some of the other adults and that of course was a bad choice as we had to be careful to not get laughing too hard. Oh and we went to see the last Shrek film... but Robin Hood was playing on the other screen and we kept trying to watch the more interesting scenes over there.. sometimes no sound is needed, lol.

one of the BEST kids moments was near the end of Shrek. I'm still laughing over it today. Friend #1 has a son JP's age and he came back over to us coughing. Friend#1 asked if he was ok and why he was coughing, but he didn't explain much and just wandered back to where the kids were btwn the vans. he wasn't coughing hard so none of us thought much about it. I went over to for some reason or another and realized what half the kids had done that resulted in the coughing. We had margarita salt in a paper plate on top of a cooler - the drink mix itself was sealed in the cooler. The kids had been tasting the salt! Thats why they were all coughing/gagging. I went back over to Friends 1,2,3 and told them what was going on while trying not to laugh!! We all got laughing then and so did the kids when we asked why on earth they were tasting what they knew was salt, lol.

Just got a call from one of the friends saying how much fun they all had. We are now planning on June 26th for our next monthly outing.. which will be the drive in again for Toy Story3. yay!

now to make the must have drive -in checklist of things we wish had or had done differently, lol

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