Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friends with benefits

Now, now get your mind out of the gutter...not THAT kind of friend with benefits.

My best friend has a relative who has done very well in her career. As a result they have several homes. One of them is on the New England coastline and they let family use it free of charge often. This weekend we were offered the use of the house while planning a trip to go to a local "Day out with Thomas the Train"

My friend, her sister and hubby and our assorted 6 kids (ages 1.5 - 15yrs) went up Friday night. What a hardship it is to stay in this 'cottage'. 3 floors decorated in perfect 'cottage charm'. Warm, welcoming, inviting and shared without more then a second thought or two with our assorted toddlers. JP and I stayed in a wonderful corner room on the 3rd floor (not my choice and oh are my legs aching, lol). How terrible to have to stay in a home like this and wake up to the cries of shore birds in the morning as you look out the window to the ocean that is one row of homes away. It was really hard to 'rough it' in such 'tough' conditions. Especially since the weather was 'awful' - mid to upper 70's and bright sunshine... sigh the things we suffered thru to save an hour or so of driving up on Saturday morning, lol.

JP had a blast on Saturday when we went to see Thomas at the railyard. He was so excited he was actually shaking at one point. Sad to say it was hard for him to be good the entire time with so much overload, but we did ok in the end. JP's other love is water. He LOVES to play in water which makes me nervous sometimes, but we're very watchful over him. After we went back to the beach house we wallked down to the beach. This is the first that JP's seen anything like the ocean and he was amazed. he loved it! I thought he'd find and bring home tons of rocks but he was having a blast just throwing them back in the water. this beach is actually very rocky with smaller rocks as opposed to sand.. we could all care less and I think JP was trying to clean up the beach.. but he had a blast, lol. Saturday night was a rough moment for JP though. Everyone but my friend and I had gone to bed. We were on the first floor enjoying a glass of wine when we heard crying and little footsteps. JP is used to walking out of his room and around the corner from ours in the middle of the night.. Poor baby was up on the 3rd floor and wanted me. My other friends hubby walked JP down (they were staying in the room across from JP and I) and I went back  up with JP. Poor baby  :(  .

Sunday we all were leaving by mid day and went back to the beach in the morning. JP went back to rock throwing until we figured out the way to make him sit down and take a break.. someone had brought down tortilla chips and that was it. They won out over rocks, lol. We also eventually wandered down to a large rock outcropping with tidal pools. Which of course JP walked right into, lol. Better that then the ocean as he tried to do that on Saturday and he and I had quite the argument over that.

all in all it was a great weekend.. even with the defiant 3yr old that has been present in my life as of late. And while words can describe the weekend.. aren't pics even better? Oh and the dog belongs to none of us.. she just kept coming to the house and to the beach to find us...we think for food, lol

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