Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No real changes

Day 5? no.. i think its day 6. Joe is still not awake. Sedation has been off since last Thursday but he's not coming out of this.

Creatine level is increased, but that is an indicator of kidney health and a higher number is not the way you want it to go. He's not ready for dialysis yet, so hopefully his creatine starts to decrease again. If it is just the kidneys detoxing ability thats impaired, then the kidneys need to get a little stronger to finish so he can come out of this.

Saturday he wasn't moving much, now he moves all the time. However none of it is purposeful or deliberate or on command.  The repeat CT scan didn't show the anomaly they were concerned about, but there are still just no answers. Its so hard to watch him move around and have his eyes open but not be able to get a deliberate response.

He's breathing on his own they say.. but I want to talk to the respiratory tech and get a better idea of what that means as the ventilator is still in. He is still running a low grade temp and they can't really locate the reason. These 2 findings are concerning since the brain stem controls breathing and body temp regulation.

I don't want to give up hope or positive thoughts, but I also think i need to be realistic. Yes he could do it again and come out of it, but even if he comes home I have to be ready to live my life as a single mom. The longer he's like this the higher the odds that he'll go to a nursing home.

I have one glitch to figure out with JP's daycare, but thats an almost done deal. I found a retired school psychologist to watch him all day Monday, and half day Tues... Wed he will go to a top rate local preschool in the morning and my mom will pick him up.. friday will be at the preschool all day. My last glitch is Thursday. The retired psychologist has a course to take for 7 weeks. I want to have her watch him after thats done, but I need to sort out what to do in the meantime. I'm hoping the preschool will take him for those few weeks and I can have a friend pick him up...We'll see,, I should have it sorted out by tomorrow.

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