Wednesday, November 5, 2008

9 DEC Police trucks......... and a hoof?

Today was a day of excitement at our office. Of course it started off with my coworker needing to be off, which left me working 6:30am -7pm. Even with a 2 hour break in the middle of the day it was long and tiring. Ehh it was just for today and the day eventually ended so that was no big deal.

At the end of our lunch break I was in the kitchen area. Think tiny sink and counter, with the microwave on a rolling cart next to the fridge on a rolling cart. It works, but it's small, lol. Out of the corner of my eye I see a DEC (environmental conservation) Police SUV come around the corner of the building... followed by another.

Being the curious soul (did someone say nosy?) that I am, I went to get a better look. It wasn't 2 vehicles. In the end there were 7 marked and 2 unmarked. We have no idea what was going on. It was right before the afternoon hours started so it was hard to find out. I'd love to know what was going on. Several people said it was a staging area, but then that was confirmed to not be true. They were there for something in our building and the grounds.

The day wore on and I don't know what time they all left. I finally left the office about 7pm, and as I walked out a dog and a woman were walking up the hill towards me. I stopped to pet the dog who had come over to me. The woman then came up and was talking about how the area where the dumpster is located is very dark. Which is true, its very poorly lit. We're used to it. I was joking around with her about the DEC and how we have no idea what was going on.

Then she told me another interesting tidbit. She was cleaning an office, on Sunday I think, and said she went to throw the trash out. We have new tenants downstairs that pack the garbage full on Saturdays because they won't break down their vacuum cleaner boxes. By Monday its always overflowing. This woman then tells me she went to the dumpster and in the back corner hanging over the edge...

was a hoof.

I asked her how big and she estimated the size of a deer although she didn't do an in depth look at it. Can't say I blame her.

Now you also have to understand something about one of our other neighbors in the building. They're a massage center that are:

kind enough to have very late hours.. typically up to or past 11pm
offers an assisted shower at the beginning of each massage
cater mostly to men
uses lovely Asian woman as the massage therapists

.........well you get the idea.

now the owner of this spa maintains that these girls do NOT live there. Uh huh. suuuuuure they don't. They have no cars.. never get dropped off...never get picked up. They constantly cook - and it smells like fish and garlic and permeates the building... they plant container gardens... do their shopping at the convenience store and gas stations near by, etc, etc. It's obvious that they live there.

so now we have these tennants that never leave the building to go to an actual home and a hoof in the dumpster... which did smell way more ripe then it ever has.

I could swear that one of the undercover DEC guys went into the spa with a notebook. Darn walls! How can I be nosy....errrrrrr curious if I can't see or hear anything.


Irishembi said...

This JUST happened near Pittsburgh! I believe the girls were all Asian there too.

Irishembi said...

That link got cut off. Here's a tinyurl