Friday, November 7, 2008

Parrot Parenting 101

This is a new technique of parenting that my husband is creating. I told him that I'm going to nickname him Polly. He repeats everything I say when JP is into something he shouldn't be.

The scene: JP quietly sneaking over to the VCR next to the TV with a handful of crayons. Joe sits on the couch mesmerized by whatever program or commercial is currently on.

Me: "JP - no, we don't put crayons into the VCR"
Joe - 2 second delay "JP - no crayons"

The scene: Out for a quick bite to eat at a local fast food place. Joe is in another world - gazing off at a wall while I attempt to eat and entertain and feed JP

Me: "JP - we don't throw food off the table even if you're tired and cranky"
Joe - 2 second delay: : " JP no throwing food"

I could list many scenes but you get the general idea. Joe laughs because it's so obvious that he repeats everything I say that even he has picked up on it. Because he repeats everything I started calling him the Parrot Parent, lol.

Last night he did one even better. I was showing him a youtube clip of this weeks episode of Ghost Hunters. There's a really cool scene where one of the investigators coats gets pulled down at the collar 3 times. The clip was about 4 minutes and JP started fussing in the other room (right next to the one we were in) about half way in. Joe watched the clip and went in, I thought he took care of JP and figured out what was bothering him. JP was still upset so I finally went in about a minute later.

Joe had walked into the living r0om and looked JP's way, but never LOOKED at him. JP had the pail over his head again with his arm in the pail. How the heck do you walk into a room and not notice a huge orange pail stuck on your child?


Irishembi said...

Maybe he's color blind? Thought it was an attractive new hat?

Sorry, I got nothing. :-)

katiebear said...

Definitely a hat!!

Dani said...

He thought JP was trying out next year's Halloween costume as a Traffic Pylon??????

Kelly said...

Oh please stop me if I try to dress JP as a traffic cone, lol.

Gotta admit.. when he's not in a bad head space with his diabetic mood swings.. Joe gives me great material for blogging, lol

ncp said...

He is a man!!!
Mitch notices nothing!!!! Kind of his version of "don't ask, don't tell" but his is "don't see, don't stop ( or warn, punish, correct).

It is very easy on the man, since the kid thinks he is a great parent, since the kid can do anything when the dad is around.

Boo said...

Oh Kelly you had me in tears with this post!! I want more examples because I just love how you tell us he says "JP, no crayons" LOL That is so funny!

My word for today is demet...I'll take that to mean give me more examples DAMMIT!