Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate waiting

I admit it.
I like instant gratification.
I was a snooper when I was a kid... well ok I still am, I just have more self control now, lol. There are times I'm content to wait. Oddly enough I was in no hurry to have my son born before he was ready. I knew a lot of mom's that were looking to try anything several weeks early. I was fine waiting. Other times I have absolutely no patience. This has been made worse by the internet and the ability to see where things are during shipment.
I have been in dire need of a new hard drive for my computer for some time. My computer was custom built by my dad several years ago. Thru his faith in me and my innate desire to learn, I've made several upgrades. Never thought about the hard drive though. Dad installed an 18G hard drive when he gave me the computer. Back then it was fine and a lot more then I was used to. Technology being what it is though new programs take up a lot of space. 
Such is the case now and I only have 3G available. Which leads to issues from time to time. I've been worried about replacing it before I can't access it anymore and lose my pics. I do have them backed up onto CD's, but would hate to lose everything on the current hard drive. I've run a multitude of programs to determine whats eating up all my space and have uninstalled or deleted a lot to just keep it at status quo.
After warning Joe for several weeks I wandered over to based on the suggestion of a good friend of mine. It was there that I found a lovely 250G hard drive for a price I was willing to pay.
Instant gratification can easily take a back seat to saving money in my mind, lol.
On Friday I placed the order with it's whopping $1.00 shipping fee. Ran out to help my mom for a few hours and came back to sad news. had an inventory issue and the hard drive was not available. However they refunded me the entire price  including the $1.00 shipping AND gave me an additional $5.00 off my next purchase for the inconvenience. So what did I decide to do? 
well you know girls do think size is important right?  ;)
I found a 320G with a 16MB cache that in the end cost me only $4.00 more. Needless to say I purchased it. Now comes the waiting game. has it as a departure from some city in California on 11/18/08 @4:05am. 
it's 11/20/08 today and I want an update! LOL. I want to know what new city my box is traveling to on it's long way to New York state. Sure they give me a delivery date of 11/24. But being that I am trying to keep my impatience at bay, thats just not enough, lol.
4 more days until I have more room then I know what to do with.. but ohhhh the possibilities!


katiebear said...

maybe it will come early???

ncp said...

So where is it????? Has it at least crossed the Mississippi yet?

Kelly said...

According to the UPS website it left Cerritos CA on 11/18 at 4:05am.. that's still the last update. Nothing new.

and unfortunately if they say delivery by 11/24... it will be 11/24


Cosmic said...

My hubby and I have been eyeing a 1 terrabyte HD....*drool* LOL

We have 3 external HDs and not enough space LOL

ncp said...

Well, did you get it today???

Kelly said...

I got it.. and now I'm pouting.

I realized on saturday that I ordered the wrong connection for my computer.... picked up an adapter today. But need to do more research as I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I can't get the hard drive to read. I'm too tired to keep figuring it out.

Emily I really wanted a terrabyte drive. droooool is right

Cosmic said...

Are you using the HD as an internal or external drive?

How old is your computer BIOS? Are your USB ports 1 or 2 (if it's external)?

We had to flash our BIOS when we put in a drive internally that was too recent to be read by our oldtimer machine. If we hadn't, it wouldn't have read the drive at all.

Kelly said...

this is an internal hard drive. i'm hoping to get an additional external by my birthday, lol

the bios is from 2002. i know the ones at work are older and i didn't have to update, but with this being sata I may have to. I'll look up flashing the hard drive later today.. somehow I don't think flashing it after a shower will be enough to scare it.. although it does scare me sometimes, lol

i have more time to play with this tonight so hopefully i'll get it up and running, lol