Saturday, November 29, 2008

Snow Dog!

Peanut is a winter girl, she loves playing in snow! We had an early snow and I decided to take a video of Peanut being silly while chasing snow that I was kicking up for her. I'd have let her off leash if I wasn't leaving for work shortly after this was taken.

There was a morning about 3 years ago that I wish I'd had a video of. We had had a very heavy snowstorm the day before of about 12 inches. I was outside shoveling and I had Peanut out with me. It was so quiet and the schools were all closed. I had her off leash as the only thing moving was the blowing snow. Peanut was having a blast running in snow that was deeper then she was tall. At one point she was a few feet from the road and waiting for me to chase her. I didn't want to chase her as I was afraid she would run into the road. At that time I caught the sound of a snow plow coming down the road. This was one of those HUGE county trucks with the salt spreader attached and a double plow in the front.

Peanut just looked at me and hadn't noticed it yet. I kept eye contact with her so that she wouldn't run the wrong direction. At this point I was worried and afraid she run into the road if I took a step. I just talked to her to keep her attention.

All of a sudden she heard the truck and turned to see what it was.... it scared her and she started barking furiously at it for scaring her while running full out towards me. She would turn her head and bark while running. By the time she got to me I was laughing hysterically while leaning on the shovel. Poor Peanut, lol

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Dani said...

Comet loves the snow as long as someone is out to enjoy it with him. Corki was just a pup last year, but if she's anything like her mom she'll be rolling around in it.

We had a bit this morning, but it was sleeting when we got up and quickly turned to rain.