Thursday, November 6, 2008

Those times you just HAVE to take a quick photo

Ever have one of "those" parenting moments? Where you know you just need to take a photo to explain it? I was taking a shower and as usual Peanut was right outside the door where I could see her. All of a sudden JP cries from the living room. Peanut got up to check on him which meant it was not a simple cry. It was a cry of distress.

I jumped out of the shower and went into the living room to see this:

He must have had it on his head and the pail slipped over his head and around his neck with his arm inside. I saw that he was ok and just had to get the camera.

Now the look on his face is NOT utter dismay and/or pain. It's actually of " I'm still not happy but the camera is here and I have to smile"

I only took the one pic as I wasn't going to leave him in long enough to get a happier looking picture. Poor kid... the pics i will be able to embarass him with later when he's dating, lol.
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