Monday, April 27, 2009

large coffee to go please....

Joe is on a new shift for Monday. He has to work 7-3. I work 6:30 - 4. I've had to repeatedly change my schedule for his work schedule and he didn't want  me to do that once again. He came up with the idea for his parents to take JP to daycare on Mondays. After a couple of weeks of fine tuning and one glitch, we have it down to a system. Joe takes JP to his parents house instead of them  picking  him up from my office. JP gets to spend a few hours in the morning with his grandparents and Joe and I are able to get to work at the time we need. I'm really happy with this arrangement.

JP however isn't a morning person. Those that know me, will know that he gets it from me, lol. Usually Joe wakes him up and changes him and gets him dressed, with much protesting from JP. This morning was slightly different and while we feel bad for JP, it's too funny not to share, lol.

Joe woke JP up as usual and JP fussed, although not as much as usual. After getting dressed JP got off the bed and walked into the kitchen. Bear in mind that this is all of  5:30am. His eyes were half open, his gait was uneven and sleepy and he was NOT a happy kid. He looked at me and almost grunted and then proceeded to walk to the door. He stood at the door and just looked at Joe as if to tell him to move his butt and get the morning over with, lol. Joe wasn't ready just yet so I picked up JP for my morning hug and kiss.. and was given a dirty look. I put JP down and he walked back over to the door and off they went. I was waiting for him to ask for coffee.. heavy on the milk.

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