Monday, April 20, 2009

A little too close to home

This is picture of a forest fire that was raging just on the other side of a mountain ridge near my home. I live a short distance from the other side of the mountain. At it's closest this fire was about 6 miles away from my house with occasional 20 foot high walls of fire.

I was out of the house most of Saturday and the last I'd heard/read was that this was just a brushfire. Imagine my surprise on Sunday morning when friend in Arkansas emailed me thru Facebook to ask me how we were doing with the fire. (Thanks agian Naomi!) I'd had no idea that it had turned into a major forest fire that ended up burning about 400 acres! Thankfully the fire departments worked hard and had the fire contained with fire breaks by last night.. the rain is expected to pour down today and that will extinguish any additional fires or embers. While not scared yesterday, I will say that I was concerned and kept an eye on the situation as I could. I've never been so close to a forest fire and it was an interesting day. Funny thing is that it must have been in just the right spot as I never even smelled smoke.. yet an acquaintance that lives just 2 miles away from me could smell smoke.

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