Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Pink Bunny Masacre, lol

When JP was just a few months old my mom and I went yard sale shopping one day. She found this set of bunny bowling...PINK bunny bowling. It's a really cute set.. but it's PINK. I always said I would donate it and get JP a blue set or otherwise appropriate boy themed bowling set.

FFW to yesterday.. probably just under 2 years after the set was bought. We had been going thru a spring heat wave and temps were in the high 80's/low90's for 4 days. Before heading outside last night JP had been watching a kids DVD that had a brief shot of a kid using a kids bowling set and he loved it. By chance Joe had used my car for work and his was home.. and the bunnies were in the trunk.. poor bunnies, lol. I brought them out and set them up and gave him the soft bowling ball that came with the set. He LOVED it and would selt them up and knock them over time and time again, lol. After that he started bunny discus tossing and then mommy had to pick them all up.

Guess JP has a pink bunny bowling set after all, lol.

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