Thursday, January 31, 2008

days like this tire me out

I was on a roll. JP was playing in the superyard and enjoying puffs and mum-mums. I was getting my living room cleaned! I went thru 2 huge bags of misc things from a desk we used to have and our coffee table which is in storage until JP gets good at walking.

Dinner time came and we had a nice dinner of peas with a banana dessert. Rather JP had that menu. I had apple butter glazed pork loin. (Yes it was as good as it sounds and I even used apple butter I made myself and canned. ) JP is still not a huge fan of meats. I have more on that, but its a rambling thought for another day. Is it possible to be a vegetarian from birth?

After dinner came bath time and then bed time. Then the problems started. JP was in full wiggle mode tonight and didn't want to settle down. He last napped around 2pm and it was 8pm for bedtime. I know he was ready. Then he decided to bite me while nursing. With 6 teeth it's just not pleasant. Sigh. So then I put him in his crib to settle down. This used to be effective. Not for the last 2weeks. For the last 2 weeks he get's lied down and then immediately gets up and screams. Not whimpers, not cries, SCREAMS. No warm up period either. I decided to try and let him cry it out for a couple of minutes. Ugh. I went back in and his light blue sleeper clearly showed the tears that he cried. I picked him up and he snuggled right into my shoulder. Yep I caved. Such a huge section of his sleeper was soaked and i didn't have the heart to put him back down. After about 20 min I did lie him back in the crib. That lasted all of 30min and he woke up and started crying again. I got in there quick before it escalated though. Now of course I'm afraid to move. Peanut is begging to go out and I have to leave JP for a but I can't help it. Granted its freezing so that means a quick walk.

needless to say my cleaning urge has been stalled. I've compensated with having a lovely glass of Yellow Tail Chardonnay.

He just woke up crying while lying next to me. I wonder if a new tooth is working thru?

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