Thursday, January 31, 2008

Party in my crib!!!!!

Every once in a while JP decides that playtime should be at 3am in the morning. He's happy, he's content... he just wants to share the fun. No matter what I try he won't sleep for about 2 hours. He generally picks a day where I have to be up early at 5am. This time he was nice enough to choose a day where I can sleep in... and then wakes me at 7:30 after falling asleep around 4am.

One of my favorite things about having friends all over the world is that there is a good chance that someone is awake, lol. I took a chance and sent a test message to a friend in South Africa and she kept me company until JP decided to wind down again. Oh and Joe was helpful as always lying next to me ....snoring. My favorite part of this is the next morning when he gets cranky with me because HE hasn't had enough sleep. He was up a few minutes ago whining about changing the diaper because he was tired and trying to make a sandwich. I asked how much sleep he'd had. He said only 5 hours. I reminded him.. AGAIN... that thats about how much I get every night. Of course it's different for him. He needs more sleep and then at least 1 more nap because he does work. Yeah and my job is just a full time job i do for kicks.

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