Saturday, February 16, 2008

Party Day!!

Today is JP's first birthday party. It's scheduled from 2-5pm and should be short and sweet, lol. It's currently about 11:15am. So far I've done (since last night and some during the week work):

made sausage and bow tie pasta dish
ordered and picked up deli tray and side salads
baked and mostly decorated birthday cake (need to add bubbles)
picked up party supplies
made goody bags
ordered balloons

I'm off in a few minutes to get the balloons, the frosting I need for bubbles, mayo and mustard for the sandwiches. The car is 75% packed, JP's outfit is ready to go and that's about that.

Joe has done:

ehhh what's new about that.

My best friend is helping me set up and decorate and we're meeting at 1ish. Let's see if Joe will be up and ready to go by then. I really could use an extra set of hands if nothing else, and JP's hands don't count yet, lol.

Last night JP was helping me in the kitchen. I had him in the high chair near the fridge. He had a lot of fun with our game of 'open the door' and "close the door" Only problem was that he was trying to close the door while I was trying to get things in and out of the open door. He had a blast laughing at mommy, lol.

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