Friday, February 1, 2008

daycare trials and tribulations

JP has been in daycare since about 3 months old. It took 6 weeks after I went back to work to find a solution that was best for us and JP. He started at 2 days and went to 3 in September. At the beginning of January he dropped back down to 2 days. Financially it's been ok. 2 days was much much easier than 3 days. Especially for the month that Joe was out of work. I had to keep JP in the 3 days because we didn't know what Joe would end up working and I was afraid to lose the day. Joe schedule and mine work very well for daycare reasons now. We have it to a smooth and easy schedule and Joe wanted another day with JP so thats why we dropped the 3rd day. Well now Joe is complaining about daycare costs. This has come up before with us. Frankly since I make the most money and it's MY sanity that I care about, daycare is wonderful. I love Dani and Annie and they are great with JP, he has fun and has a buddy there 6 weeks younger than him. It's also less than a mile from our house. I really like that especially in the northeast winter with nasty storms. I don't stress about having JP in the car on iffy roads. I don't want JP out of daycare completely. We may switch to just Friday's. We have to talk more on this.

Now to the next issue. I know it's a business, but it's home based and we've gotten to know the family fairly well. Enough to know that money is a struggle. Dani has been so wonderful with our ever changing schedule. In the past 9 months we've changed JP's days around probably 8 or 9 times. Part of me doesn't want to pull JP out another day as it's a loss of income for them. I know that more than likely the spot will be filled, but for reason I have guilt over this, lol.

Joe drops JP off on Friday's somewhere btwn 8-8:30am ...I think. I actually am not sure on this, lol. I get a call from daycare a little before 7am...... The daycare has been flooded! They have to close anyway for the day. I feel so bad for her because it's expensive to get a crew in to suck up the water and clean up. They just don't need this right now.

ok, thats my ramblings for the morning.... I'm sure I'll be back with something else later, lol.

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