Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 2.....

All in all this is going well. At lunch I was tempted out of habit. However I resisted confident in the thought of a cup of Medi-fast cream of broccoli soup.

The scale and I are friends this morning after just one day on the program. I'm down 3.5lbs. Sure it's mostly, if not all, water weight... but let me have my happiness, lol. I decided to let my support website plan my meals for me. This way I don't run thru any favorites all to fast.

Today's Menu includes:

Banana Creme shake - pretty tasty
Cranberry-Mango drink - I like this even if the thicker texture seems weird to me
Cream of Broccoli soup - not bad... although being hungry may make it taste better
Maple oatmeal - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Caramel nut bar - tbd

my 'lean and green' meal will most likely be chicken.. with the biggest field green salad with whatever other veggies I can throw in.

I know it takes 2 or 3 days to adjust... I'm hoping I'm in the 2 day version. I don't feel bad. Just mildly hungry, mildly lightheaded and while I'm getting work done, I feel like it's in slow motion. I have no patience for this today, lol. I'm going home, making dinner for Peanut, JP and I and relaxing. I'll let my body and brain just veg for awhile. I'm sure tomorrow I will wake up adjusted to the plan and feeling energetic and fabulous, lol

have I mentioned I am delusional sometimes?

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