Friday, February 22, 2008

Cake pics

I'm slowly going to add pictures of some of my cakes this morning. For some insane reason our office is NOT closed today. Every other business in 5 counties pretty much is. We have a major winter storm hitting...NOW. Robin and I were right behind each other from her house to the office. Neither of us has 4 wheel drive. WE were sliding all over the road when we had to stop and start for red lights. The only benefit to staying at work right now is that the roads will get some attention in the next few hours. The first up will be the irish lace cake. oh and I did NOT make the topper. That was purchased at a cake decorating store.


Irishembi said...


ncp said...

I got a Google account, just so I could post comments here :).
See, I can never be silenced. :)
As for the cakes, Beautiful!!! I remember a couple of them.
Now keep it up and start your own cake decorating business!!


Kelly said...

and here i though i found a way to silence you, lol.

katiebear said...

YUM!!! like i said, i'm hiring you or mary beth next year!