Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ahhh those moments you only appreciate as a mom..

Used to be I'd get excited over a new makeup toy.. or maybe a new promise of something that would put a curl in my hair and keep it there. (That by the way is impossible and I've given up trying, lol.) Heck even a new technology toy would make my day.

Today I've realized that I have entered full mom-dom. I've become excited over a potty chair.

Yes you read that right.. a potty chair.

I wasn't going to get one originally as our home is small. I was just going to get one of the ones that went over our existing toilet seat. However I realized potty training will go much smoother with JOE if I have something that can be put in the vicinity of a TV. This morning I looked online to get an idea of what was out there. I didn't want to pay more then $20-$25 and that was about my only criteria.

Then I found it. Only $14.99 and so darn cute I had to look at the reviews. All the reviews were great! Especially for potty training boys, lol. I called our local store and there are 2 in stock. We'll be heading over as soon as I finish some paperwork in the office, lol.


Just Plain Joy said...

I've heard that when potty training boys, you can put fruit loops in the toilet bowl to give them something to aim at! Why do the boys get to have all the fun? I have a girl :)

Dani said...

What a cute potty, I'm going to keep that in mind. I know from potty training Zac all those years ago, the more potties, the better. We even kept a very simple one in the car.

I taught Zac to always sit, I didn't worry about aim til he was probably closer to 4 or 5.

Kelly said...

hahahaha Joy.. you know why boys get fun with that? because the girls get all the adorable clothes past the age of 1, lol. I admit that I'd be doomed with a girl though.. i'd be broke or sewing all the time to make more cute clothes, lol

I actually ended up getting a different seat! I'm still tempted to go back, but before I left work yesterday I used the bathroom. I finished and was washing my hands when JP backed up to the toilet as if to get on. If it was a tall toilet he may have done it, lol. I thought we'd start with the seat on the current seat and see how he does.