Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Health insurance - that necessary evil

Being that I work in a medical field, I'm not a big fan of most health insurance. I see it from the provider's side and there are times that the 'usual and customary' fee reduction is just ridiculous. However, it is a necessary evil and I can respect that.

I came home today and decided to look up a policy to the see the rates. I get such a headache wading thru all the fine print, riders, coverage options and add-ons. I seriously don't think I need at this time to have a plan with yearly urinalysis or dental or surgery to prevent unwanted pregnancies. That cuts cost a little bit.. but then I have to pick a rider and then check to see if pre-existing conditions are covered. Adding to my headache is specific conditions that are excluded. In this case this would be for : Degenerative myelopathy, Dermatomyositis, Narcolepsy. The first 2 are more of a chance. Narcolepsy I've seen no signs of. My fear though is a hip issue that may need surgery.

The things I do for .... Peanut, lol. My last dog, Ashley, was half corgi/half labrador and had an undiagnosed hip dysplasia that was ugly when the hip went. Added to that were a myriad of health issues later in life. This all happened after the age of 12. Peanut is now 7 and I think it's time she got her own health insurance. Now if I could just get her to get a job to pay for it, lol. Oh and while I know many dogs do need yearly dental, Peanut eats a raw food diet that keeps her teeth pearly white.


Dani said...

LOL, I have been planning on making a post about our changing our medical insurance, imagine my surprise when you were talking about Peanut. Good luck with the insurance.

Kelly said...

with Joe's job we have a choice of 1 insurance. They did a big change in September and the benefits were horrible. They've since reworked it all and as if Jan 1st we can afford to pay our copayments and still live. I hate insurance issues, lol.

Peanut's will be pretty straight forward though and not too expensive...and no chance of adding dependents either, lol.