Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peanut's Wednesday Weekly

I've decided I need a voice in this family. Yes I'm of the canine persuasion, but I'm cute, smart and can type...with the help of spell check. Before my brother came around I was quite the thing in this house. Well to be fair I still am. Now I know there are other corgi's that can see this blog, and while many entries may be from a corgi point of view.. my ponderings are for all.

A little bit about me. I was raised from puppy to 3.5 year old by a very nice elderly couple with several grandkids. My only complaint about them was Buddy... my Labrador house-mate. Buddy bullied me and to be honest I still have issues from this. I know I should be letting it go, especially after 3.5 years, but that was rough in the formative years of my life. Mom has told me that there is a play group of corgi's locally that meet once a month at a local dog park. She wants me to go and get used to playing with other dogs again. Which isn't really fair. I do play with other dogs... just some are big and I get defensive. Which leads me to a key corgi fact.

We may be short in stature, but we are NOT small dogs! Hey my ancestors (and distant distant relatives today) herded sheep and cows... I think we corgi's deserve recognition for something other then being "that cute short, long dog with pointy ears!" Sheesh. talk about canine discrimination. Yes we ARE cute, but we're tough dogs.

I enjoy my life and have a window seat view on the world when everyone is at work. I'm telling you now that the squirrels, deer, cats, other dogs and chipmunks that I yell at will be mine someday...when I figure out how to open the windows.

I think my biggest issue in life is my bark. I just can't help myself. I've been known to bark at moving animals and vehicles outside, as well as leaves blowing, cardboard boxes, appliance beeps and dings, dogs on the tv and so on. It drives mom a bit batty at times. She knows I do much better with a regular exercise regime, but it's cold out there. Neither she or I ( or my brother) want to be out in the cold even for a quick walk. I'm hoping that by getting a voice on the internet, I will be able to calm down my frequent barking.

Now if you'll excuse me.. I need to check my latest stock holdings. Biscuits are holding strong during these tough times.

oh and just for fun - here's how to Speak Corgi


Irishembi said...

You know it's about time you got to write your point of view. Now if Taffy could just stop eating our towels and underwear long enough to find the keyboard I'm sure she'd have something to say too.

Kelly said...

I've spoken to Taffy. She claims that its because Dave, Jamie and you all claim computer time.... oh and 'that cat' is sneaking onto when you're not looking.