Friday, December 12, 2008

Warm yourself by the fire

Our office has a fun Holiday tradition that we started last year. Instead of buying a gift, we have to make a gift. Only rules are that you can use anything around the house that you have and that if you need to buy materials you can't spend more then $5.00.

Last years gift I wasn't thrilled about and I think it was because I waited to the last minute thinking it would be easy. It wasn't.

This time I got started a week and a half early. With some help from friends I took this as an idea that was hard to figure out... to one that was insanely easy. My original idea was to use fleece. My friend suggested actual twigs (duh!) which I even had in the house as kindling for our wood stove, lol.

The story behind the gift is how cold our office is in one area. Why not have a portable desktop heater that you can move around, lol
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Dani said...

Witty, cute and creative!