Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ball of yarn cake

I just finished the cake I needed for tomorrow. It's dark chocolate with an almond paste filling. I see by my pics i need to do a little touch up and my defense is that I need to leave fast for unexpected plans with the IL's. To be smart I should have started this yesterday so my defense is a bit weak, lol. All in all though I think it and the scarf came out cute.


Kady Mae Bella said...

Your cake is amazing! Oh my goodness, just fantastic!

You are talented!

ncp said...

I love it!! But then again, I have always loved your cakes. You should have gone into the cake business years ago.

ncp said...

I love it, but then again, I always loved your cakes.
Still think you should have gone into the cake business years ago!!!

Kelly said...

thanks ladies :)

N - you know why i don't.. I see all the worst parts and parts that aren't as perfect... you know I'm too critical of my own work, lol. although i did just offer to make a wedding cake for approx 275 people, lol