Saturday, June 28, 2008

The little happy things in life

I'm trying to focus on some good things to balance out my negative post from before. I have a few minor things running thru my head so I thought I'd toss them in here....

JP's sleep habits are changing a bit. He won't fall asleep with us near him for the last 4 nights, but when placed in his crib he calls asleep in less than 5 minutes. Today I'm trying something new. First was the nap test. Tried to put JP down for a nap around 11:30. He was having none of it, so I thought we'd try a little later and after lunch. I put him in the crib at 1:00 and he wanted to bounce and play. I lied him down again twice and the second time I partially closed the door. He knows enough to know that means Mommy isn't going to play. He started to cry and I set the timer for 5 minutes. 50 seconds later all was quiet and he was asleep.. on his own... in his crib. A bigger test will be if he does this tonight at bedtime. For now it's enough and will make nap times easier. I'm hoping he's out for a good 2 hours as he needs the sleep. He's battling the same chest cold I am and has molars coming thru in droves. He won't let me get a good look, but i noticed 2 new ones that weren't there last week... and last week had a new one as well.


Yesterday when JP was at my office he was doing something so determinedly and so specific that it was adorable. I had my office door shut to contain him or he goes off to explore the office. Well he was playing with Joe's keys and took them to the doorknob. He would try to put one key in the door knob.. and when that didn't work he'd try another and so on. He wasn't getting frustrated.. he was just trying them all out with the expression of "now I know mom and dad use these to open doors.. I'm going to figure it out and then there is no stopping me!". I wish I could have gotten it on a video, lol.


We have a small light over our kitchen sink. Our other kitchen light is one of those big fluorescent ones. I like the small one as it gives just enough light in the kitchen to see at night. Quite some time ago I noticed that the plastic light cover was melting. Since that seemed a risky thing I stopped using the light. Today I got the bright idea to finally take it down. The plastic cover fell out in the process and broke... but I couldn't figure out how to get the actually light fixture off. There were no screws that i could see holding it in place. Then I got my brainstorm... duh! leave the cover off and I can still use the light. So I screwed it back together with the cover in the trash and I have a nice, subtle over the sink light once again.

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