Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New visual adventure to attempt.

I'm going to buy false/fake eyelashes. I'm hoping this works, and isn't too complicated. My reason for this is that I miss highlighting my eyes. I have very pretty dark green eyes. For the last 4 years or so I've had to forgo any kind of eye makeup. Took two urgent trips to the opthamologist to get a diagnosis of ocular rosacea. I have very little noticeable rosacea on my face, however my eyes are ultra sensitive and I can't wear any liner or mascara as a general rule. If I do I end up with eye infections. Even with proper 'lid hygiene' I have issues. Being that I love wearing eye makeup this is very frustrating to me. Last week I happened to catch a show about lash extensions. What a difference in the way they framed the eyes! no mascara or liner needed. After much research I found average pricing. yeah.. Not happening on these ole' eyes. $350+ for the initial set, $50-$100 for touch ups.. and that has to be done every few months. So I'm going to try several styles of fake eyelashes in hopes that I can get the look back of wearing eye makeup.. plus side will be no smudging. Down side will be seeing how bad my aim is in applying them, lol.


Irishembi said...

Have you ever consider cosmetic tattoo? Just a thought.

Yeah I know. Needles...eyes....not a good combo.

Emily said...

And don't forget to do a "glue" skin test....if you're sensitive to eye make-up then the glue might have some of the same reactive properties.

Otherwise, it sounds like a good idea :) I'd trade with you if I could as I never wear make-up....makes my eyes water and I always end up looking like a hooker or a clown! LOL