Sunday, June 15, 2008

our wild kingdom

we rent and in a weird situation our landlord had some health issues... which resulted in her moving in with family across the country. where we live there are 3 houses in an almost triangle pattern. the house behind ours and our landlords belongs to the DIL and grandchildren of our landlord. Since Emily (landlord) is not around, the grandson is lazier then usual. Our lawn has yet to be mowed on the side of our house and front. Hasn't been done once this year. They have a pug that they lost this week because you couldn't see him in the long grass. He eventually resurfaced. Today I was walking into the living room and looked out the back window. JP and I then watched the 2 adult deer and 1 baby fawn munching their way thru our jungle of a lawn. While I will love having a nice neat lawn again, I think I'll miss the opportunity to see the deer that close to the house. JP now keeps going back to the window to see if they are out there. He caught them once.. i'm hoping they stick around most of the afternoon.

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