Thursday, June 26, 2008

excuse me? is that a catepillar on your eyes?

I started off the day with 2 sets of lashes... the ones on the left just felt way too weird and they came off. I left the ones on my right eye as they were. I've gotten comfortable with the lashes on my right eye.. and just reapplied the left, although I'm not sure about them and they still feel weird. I should have gotten the demi style last night with the shorter lashes, I'm going to try to go back and get them today. I trimmed these a bit and they are still too long. I have to admit that it's nice to actually see lashes on my eyes. I'm a blond and while I have sark blonde hair.. I apparently have near-invisible eyelashes. When I tried to shorten the lashes I trimmed them a bit too evenly though. They don't look quite as natural. Oh well. I also need to find lashes for my lower lashes. Now onto the whole reason for this experiment. My eyes are a little irritated, but thats because i also put on eyeshadow which I took off shortly thereafter. My eyes themselves though are a nice and clear white.. instead of pink. So far no big reactions to the glue. We'll see how the rest of the day goes. Oh and for absolute fun I put the second pair I bought on at the same time.... it looked like a fuzzy, flexible bug was resting on my eyes, lol. Although it did show quite a bit of definition, lol.

ok.. i know my few readers are probably wondering how bad this could be, lol. I do have to practice a bit more...and yes my eyebrows need to be done tonight, lol. First pic is of the one set of lashes... second pic is of the 'catepillar look, lol"


Irishembi said...

Neither one looks bad Kel - the caterpillar look is just more dramatic for when you get dressed up. You know, in your spare time when Joe takes you out to romantic candlelit dinners for two.

The lashes look more natural on your left eye (your left not left looking at the photo). probably because you're right handed, so with a little practice I bet this should work well for you!

BTW you DO have pretty eyes!!!

Kelly said...

those romantic candelit dinners will be about the same time that Dave takes you out for one, lol.

Irishembi said...

Perhaps we could double date? :-)

Kelly said...

at least you and i will have a lovely dinner, lol