Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nothing like a little incentive

Our home is small and tends to clutter up fairly easily. Take into account the hours I put in with 2 jobs and the time I spend with JP and cleaning does not get high on my priority list. I know once it's back to normal it takes little time to maintain. Getting it back to normal though is the issue. Joe does next to nothing, and I do mean next to nothing. He claims he's tired from his job. Most of the time he comes home and lies down for a few hours. Sigh, but thats another post. Several months ago our 90+ year old landlord became unable to care for herself. She now lives in Oregon and we've been a little apprehensive about how our living situation may change. The niece and her sig other of our landlord have been in charge of figuring out a lot. They are very nice, but with so much unsettled it's been stressful. Now they are working on trying to buy the 2 houses and property. This actually makes our situation a bit more solid which is nice. The niece's daughter is also going to be moving into our landlords house. So they are all working on updating our landlords house. Theoretically ours is next. Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE remove the hideous carpet in the KITCHEN and give me a normal kitchen floor. Now the bad part is that I'm embarrassed to let them in the house. So that means it's time to put in the work and get the house back in shape. Tonight my pantry and bathroom are back on track. Nothing like starting with the 2 smallest rooms, lol. That's ok, it's just time to get it done. Once the living room is neatened and the kitchen organized then I will feel much better.

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